BMW E93 M3 Trades-In Its S65 for a Supercharged LSX

So much for a “cruise” with the top down… This french drifter, Benjamin Boubles, decided to go full ‘murica under the hood of his E93 M3 and swap out his 4.0-liter V8 for a 376ci 6.2-liter LSX.Read More


Roto-Fab’s Long Awaited Intake System for the 2016 Camaro SS

After eight months of development, Roto-Fab has finally released it's cold air intake system for the 2016+ Camaro. Find out what it has to offer. Read More


New Product: Edelbrock’s Cross-Ram Intake Manifold for the LS3

After over 3 years of development, Edelbrock released a innovative new cross-ram intake manifold for fourth generation LS engines.Read More


Did You Know These Existed?: The Saleen S620 Camaro

The Saleen S620 Camaro is available in three different trim levels, all boasting aggressive styling, upgraded handling, and increased horsepower.Read More


Camaro Chief Engineer Gives New Details About the ZL1

Al Oppenheiser, the Camaro Chief Engineer, spoke at the Camaro Factory Fest and gave us some details about the upcoming 2017 lineup.Read More


Video: Tremec Transmissions Pays A Visit To Jay Leno’s Garage

When you get a chance to visit Jay Leno's Garage, you know you're going to be talking about cars, not television. Tremec's Nate Tovey was a guest and shared some important points about Tremec transmissions.Read More


Sixth-Gen Camaro Get’s A 15-Inch Wheel Kit From Carlyle Racing

In the quest for more traction, CMS's sixth-gen Camaro is outfitted with a Carlyle Racing 15-inch wheel kit allowing it to run a more track oriented tire.Read More


Record LDR Turnout And Tough X275 Action On Tap For Fall Radial Fest

The Radial Fest at Huntsville Dragway could have one of the biggest Limited Drag Radial fields ever, along with some of the best X275 racing around, and you can catch all of Radial Fest live on SpeedVideo.com!Read More


Lingenfelter Now Offers 10 Packages For Your LT-Powered Ride

Lingenfelter now offers no less than 10 packages to get the most out of any LT1. Ranging from 600 to 800 horsepower, these kits will have you smiling time and time again.Read More


Event Preview: Radial Fest- The Gauntlet 2016

Radial Fest – The Gauntlet 2016 is set to kick off at Huntsville Dragway September 22-24 featuring the best small-tire racers around. Tune into the SpeedVideo.com live broadcast to catch all the radial tire actionRead More


Mark Your Calendars! Holley’s LS Fest: September 9th-11th

Holley LS Fest is THE event for LS lovers. Musclecars, trucks, rat rods, late models-- if it has an LS, you’ll find it here.Read More


Quick Tech: What Exactly Is “The Whipple Difference”?

Every design of supercharger application has its advantages. In today's segment, we learn what the advantages of a Whipple supercharger's twin screw design are, and what exactly "The Whipple Difference" is.Read More


Corvette Chassis War – Greenwood L88 vs C6 Z06/ZR1

The C2 chassis was an improvement and ready to race. Things didn’t get shaky until the L88 and big racing tires arrived in the early '70s. Check out this fascinating comparison between new tech and old tech.Read More


Nirvana: 1K Corvette’s Cruise For A Cure At 2016 Woodward Gathering

An annual pilgrimage and nirvana for Corvette aficionados, the 2016 Woodward event in Pontiac, Michigan opened August 17-20. More than 1,000 ‘Vettes were expected to to participate in the four-day meet. Read More

2016 Cadillac CtsV

2016 CTS-V and 6 Other Vehicles Released in Forza 6 Summer Car Pack

The legendary 2016 Cts-V is introduced to Forza Motorsport 6 along with a BMW 323ti, Abarth 695 Biposto, and 5 other cars, all driven by racing legends.Read More


Nitrous Express’ LT1 Plate Kit Allows You To Bolt On Up To 300 HP

Nitrous Express' LT1 plate kit allows you to bolt on up to 300 additional horsepower. Whether your car is up to the task or not is a different story. Read More


5,000 Miles Later And We’re Loving Our Pontiac G8 GT

We recently purchased a Pontiac G8 GT, installed a few mods, and then drove the hell out of it. Find out what we thought and the future plans for the car.Read More


Outlaw Armageddon 2016

Outlaw Armageddon is a one­ of ­a ­kind experience. It's the biggest No Prep stars in the country doing battle in the heart of the legendary 405. Watch it LIVE on SpeedVideo!Read More


Update: We Follow Along As Larry Dixon Builds An LT4-Powered ’66 Nova

Larry Dixon is getting his '66 Nova ready for Drag Week. The supercharged LT4 has arrived and is setting in the car, but there is still a long way to go. Check out this update to see how things are progressing.Read More


Kooks Headers Releases Stainless Steel Exhaust For 2016 Camaro SS

New from Kooks Headers – a complete, stainless steel exhaust system for the 2016 Camaro SS. This system can add up to 40 or more rear-wheel horsepower, as well as 35 lb-ft of torque. Check it out!Read More