Borowski Race Engines’ 1,540 HP 427 Dart LS Next At PRI 2016

In Rockdale, Illinois, just outside of Joliet, Borowski Race Enterprises was founded by Ted Borowski in 1968, and has been building some of the most reliable and truly stunning high performance street, race and marine engines ever since. Joe McCaul, President of Borowski Race Enterprises, has worked hard to maintain and further elevate the Borowski reputation and has not disappointed.

While at the 2016 Performance Racing Industry trade show in Indianapolis, Indiana, we came across this awesome twin turbo 427 LS Next build by Borowski at the Dart Machinery booth and had the opportunity to talk to McCaul and learn a little more about this build.

“We use Dart’s LS Next line of blocks for any of our big power builds,” says McCaul. “Dart has found solutions to many of the shortcomings associated with the factory LS platform and offers them in various high strength options depending on the specific requirements of the build.”

“When you start pushing big power through one of these, one of the first failures you will see is the heads start to lift off of the block,” states McCaul. “All of Dart’s LS Next blocks mate to six-bolt cylinder heads with 7/16 or 3/8-inch fasteners. But we know having your heads lift would definitely ruin your day, so we further strengthen the block in-house by upgrading those to 1/2-inch fasteners. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but we talked to the folks at ARP about this and we learned that going from a 7/16 fastener to 1/2-inch increased the clamping force by nearly 50-percent!”

“This particular build is what we would consider the end of the line for a street build,” explains McCaul. “When we say street we aren’t referring to power capability, but rather is it a build that requires frequent maintenance or is it something that you can just throw your wife the keys to, fire right up and drive.”

McCaul told us that this 427 made 1,540 horsepower on a conservative C16 break in tune and using two 76 mm Bullseye Power turbos (see video above).

“What we have on here now is Bullseye’s new 83 mm NLX turbochargers. If you look at the compressor inlet and outlet you’ll notice that they are both threaded,” McCaul points out. “One of the biggest issues with streetability versus a track build is the one size fits all Map Width Enhancement (MWE) groove on most turbochargers. This new unit has an adjustable map width. Simply rotate the inlet to your desired width for the particular application and lock it in place with the set screws.”

In addition to the LS Next and twin Bullseye Power turbochargers, this 427 also comes equipped with a pair of Turbosmart blow off valves and wastegates, All Pro cylinder heads with a Newen Contour valve job, a custom Callies crankshaft, Callies Ultra connecting rods, custom Diamond pistons, a Holley Dominator EFI system (including a tune), Holley ignition coils, a billet serpentine system, DeatschWerks fuel injectors, a Comp camshaft, bronze trunnion rockers, a Wilson billet elbow and throttle body, Borowski billet valve covers and a hand fabricated oil pan.

For a full list of build options to suit your needs, be sure to head over to the Borowski Race Enterprises website.

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