SEMA 2011: AEM’s Dyno-Shaft On-Car Dyno and Boost/Wideband FailSafe

AEM’s Wideband FailSafe

AEM has also released a Wideband all-in-one FailSafe gauge that monitors both boost and air fuel ratios.  The new Organic Light Emitting Diode gauge can be programmed on a per psi basis to make sure the air/fuel ratios are within the given perimeters.  If a lean condition is detected, the gauge can activate low and high side switched outputs to trigger a myriad of functions (like to pull timing) to prevent detonation.

We all know that your local dyno shop can tell you the amount of power your car is making, but going all the time can get expensive.  AEM’s new Dyno-Shaft allows you to monitor horsepower and torque numbers constantly as you drive, allowing you to test your car in the elements everyday!

The Dyno-Shaft is a true on-vehicle dyno that delivers horsepower and torque numbers as accurately as the most respected dyno companies on the market, with major advantage being that it measures power while the vehicle is under operation in real world conditions.

AEM uses a set of laboratory-grade strain gauges inside of a supplied slip yoke to measure Torque at the driveshaft. Essentially, the Dyno-Shaft slip yoke becomes the sensor for measuring driveshaft torque. This is combined with a driveshaft speed sensor to precisely measure the rotational speed of the yoke to determine RPM. The combination of real Torque and RPM readings allows the Dyno-Shaft to output torque and horsepower numbers as accurately as any dyno but in a more useful setting, and eliminates all of the inaccuracies associated with accelerometer based systems.

• Eliminate Guesswork – Know for sure if slower times are due to a loss of power, vehicle set up or driver error.
Engine Tuning – Stop trying to approximate real world test conditions and start testing in the real world! Finally you can test with actual intake air conditions, actual vehicle loading and the hundred other things that make a real vehicle behave very different than it does when on a dyno.
Chassis Set Up – Know when the tires will break loose. Ideal for optimizing drag launches and determining the longitudinal forces your tires can handle in road racing.
Torque Converter and Clutch Development – Finally know what your Torque converter or clutch is doing while you are making a pass!
Dyno It All – The Dyno-Shaft accurately reads in all conditions including steady state, uphill or downhill, even while coasting down!

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