If you had all the money in the world, what would you drive every day? What if you had a family and a long list of chores and errands to run? Well that pretty much rules out Ferrari, Corvette, and most other performance coupes. But then again, we live in a time where sport wagons are increasingly popular, perhaps none as popular (or as fast) as the Cadillac CTS Wagon. And with a 556 horsepower V-version available, this is one wagon that won’t leave you wanting for more power.Unless you’re John Hennessey, that is. The scion of Hennessey Performance Engineering drives a Cadillac CTS-V wagon every day. But this isn’t just any wagon, as thanks to the HPE team it is fully capable of running a sub-11 second quarter mile… and still make it to school in time to pick up the kids.

Affectionately dubbed the “Hammer Wagon” this beast of a grocery getter from the factory. Then Hennessey went ahead of upgraded just about everything, front to back, including the intercooler, camshaft, cylinder heads… well, you get the idea. This is a fully upgraded sports wagon, but it also weighs a hell of a lot too. So how does it perform in the quarter-mile?

Very well, actually. Despite looking like it got almost no traction off the line, the Hammer Wagon was able to blast down the 1320 in just 10.69 seconds at a whooping 134.69 MPH. That’s faster than most European exotics and factory muscle cars, and yet Hennessey is still able to drive this monster wagon on a daily basis. This gets our vote as the ultimate family car; do you agree?