PRI 2022: Concept Performance Now Offers Aluminum LTR Block

If you want to make big horsepower with the Gen V LT engine platform, you need a strong block. Until recently, your options for an LT block were limited to various factory castings from General Motors. No longer is that the case, thanks to Concept Performance and the release of its new LTR aluminum engine block.

Concept Performance gained recognition and popularity several years ago when it introduced the LSR block. The team at Concept Performance looked at some of the designs on the market at that time and sought out how to improve upon the LS block even further. The result of their efforts is the aluminum LSR block. The LSR has proven its capabilities in the hands of engine builders like Steve Morris, who have used the LSR block to make over 2,300 horsepower!

With a proven design, Concept Performance took what was learned with the LSR block and applied those features to its new LTR block. The LTR is the first aftermarket as-cast aluminum Gen V LT block, and it’s packed with all the features of the LSR. To withstand very high horsepower applications, the LTR is beefed up in all the right places. The bottom skirt wall has a minimum thickness of three-quarters of an inch. The bulkheads have a half-inch radius where they connect to the skirt. As with the LSR, the new LTR comes with billet main caps that feature a six-bolt design using a 10mm cross-bolt, with all of the hardware being ARP.

On the top side of the block, there is an 0.800-inch thick deck that has the ability to accept six-bolt LT cylinder heads. The lifter valley has been gusseted for additional strength while still allowing for adequate oil flow, and the lifter and camshaft bores come finished. The camshaft bores can be machined to accept up to a 60mm roller bearing if you so choose. Thinking ahead for the engine builders, Concept Performance leaves 0.003-inch for “crush” in the mains and 0.020-inch on the deck for final machining.

For the “no replacement for displacement” people, the LSR block will soon be offered in a tall deck raised cam version. The standard deck LSR block will accept up to a 4.25-inch stroke crankshaft and has a maximum bore size of 4.185 inches. So if you want to push the size limits of the current standard-deck block, you can have up to 467.69 cubic inches.

Concept Performance is proud to be an American company, and as with its LSR block, the LTR is cast and machined in Indianapolis, Indiana. In talking with the Concept Performance Principal, Carlos Inocencio, he and his team are excited to see the power levels that customers will achieve with the LTR block. He fully expects to see it being utilized in engine builds, making well north of 2,000 horsepower.

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