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If you aren’t already aware, Moroso Performance Products have built quite the name for itself in both the racing industry and the street performance culture. Moroso offers an extensive catalog of racing products, more than 4,000 in fact, including everything from oil systems and ignition components to valve covers, air cleaners, and everything in between. With 70 years of running strong within the automotive industry, it’s a given you’ll be getting parts that have been perfected over many years. Still not convinced? Well, Moroso even supplies top racing teams in NASCAR and NHRA/IHRA, and those cars can take a beating!

Rob Moroso standing next to his number 25 NASCAR

Valve covers are an essential component in ensuring a healthy and smooth-running engine. Positioned right above the cylinder head, valve covers have the critical duty of preventing oil from escaping from the engine, which could lead to overheating, high levels of engine wear, and even blowing the engine entirely.

If you’re looking at upgrading your LS engine with a high-lift camshaft or roller rockers, it’s imperative that you choose quality tall valve covers. Thankfully, Moroso Performance Products has you covered with their new line of tall aluminum valve covers for LS engines.

Moroso Valve Covers for GM LS, made from Billet Aluminum

With a range of different options, Moroso is sure to have the right valve cover for your LS build, and thanks to the use of strong materials such as billet aluminum, you’ll be able to make the most of your engine without worrying about pre-mature cracking or warping, owing to the use of warp-resistant materials.

Let’s be honest, having a well-built engine means nothing if it doesn’t have the looks to go with it. Moroso Performance Products understands this, therefore, offers its valve covers in an eye-catching hand-polished finish to truly make it shine, ensuring your LS looks complete and ready to take on the competition!

After pouring hours of blood, sweat, and tears into your beloved engine build, complete it with the quality parts it deserves from Moroso Performance Products.

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