NEW LS Bellhousing For Magnum And T56-Shifted Hot Rods

LS bellhousing

LS-swap enthusiasts rejoice. Silver Sport Transmissions Has you covered.

If you’re running an LS in your hot-rodded Chevy or planning an LS swap and really want to row your own gears, Silver Sport Transmissions (SST) has news for you. Today, SST has announced it has expanded its line of high-quality, affordable aluminum bellhousings with the new LS bellhousing for Magnum and T56 transmissions.

This much-needed piece of any LS swap is built from lightweight yet durable cast aluminum and designed for nearly any street or strip application. In fact, the folks at SST feel the BHG-8500 is perfect for muscle and street car swaps.

Click here to check out the BHG-8500, which is designed to mate a T56 (1386-000-107 or 1386-000-020) or TREMEC Magnum (TUET11009 or TUET11012) six-speed to an LS engine. It’s also a direct replacement part for 1998 through 2002 Camaros and Firebirds that came with LS engines.

SST continues to bring the automotive and truck enthusiast the parts they need to complete their project with high-quality, affordable parts, and that means the BHG-8500 LS bellhousing is in stock and ready to order.  For more information about this or any other Silver Sport Transmissions product, please call (888) 609-0092 or visit

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