SEMA & PRI Set To Update Members On Advocacy Efforts

The SEMA and PRI legislative team play an important role in keeping the automotive aftermarket safe from government overreach. Their role as both sword and shield allows them to defend companies from unjust actions, and go on the offensive so we can enjoy our vehicles. The legislative team will host a virtual update meeting on its advocacy efforts Friday, March 31, 2023, at 1:00 p.m. PT/4:00 p.m. ET.

Members of SEMA and PRI, along with industry professionals have the opportunity to join the meeting. Those who attend the meeting will hear about how the government affairs team in Washington, D.C. goes about the advocacy it provides for the industry and its businesses.

Juan Torres from SEMA adds some details as to what people can expect from this meeting.

“As you may have been aware, the RPM Act was close to being passed, but we could not reach an agreement on bill language with Congress and the 2021-2022 Congressional session ended without passage of the RPM Act. So the purpose of the March 31 meeting/webinar is for SEMA to highlight not only what will happen next in regard to the RPM Act, but also discuss all of the other advocacy work that SEMA is doing on behalf of the industry. This will include supporting the Right to Repair Act, supporting OHV use of public lands such as Oceano Dunes State Park, and fighting legislation that bans ICE vehicles, among other work.”

You can register to attend the meeting and/or receive a recording of the meeting right here.

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