Lightweight Monster: Finale Speed-Built Carbon Fiber 1969 Camaro

The 1969 Camaro has been modified in countless ways with all different styles of builds being used, but have you ever seen one with an all-carbon fiber body? Well, Chris Jacobs and the team at Finale Speed built an all-carbon fiber Camaro for a customer, and it could be the ultimate example of this iconic ride.

Finale Speed is known for building stunning one-off custom cars, but they really went all out with this Camaro. The carbon fiber body sheds a mind-numbing 750 pounds off the Camaro, bringing it down to a scant 2,750 pounds. Brothers Carbon supplied the 32 separate carbon fiber parts that make up the Camaro’s body. The Camaro isn’t just a stripped-out husk, inside you’ll find a custom leather interior with components from TMI.


You can’t build a lightweight muscle car without putting stuffing some serious horsepower under the hood. Finale Speed bolted a GM Performance LT4 crate engine between the fenders that’s topped off with a 1.7-liter Eaton supercharger. This combination cranks out an impressive 650 horsepower and 650 lb/ft of torque. A set of Ultimate headers and Magnaflow exhaust work together to help the F-body breathe. A TREMEC six-speed transmission was selected to transfer horsepower to the rearend.

The Camaro is brought to a stop thanks to a full set of big Wilwood brakes that have been wrapped in Forgeline wheels. The wheel package complements the raw carbon fiber look of the Camaro perfectly. You could spend hours looking at this Camaro and find all kinds of amazing details.

You’ll want to check out this video from Jay Leno’s Garage where Jay talks with Chris about the build of this car. You even get to see the duo take to the streets in California and put the Camaro through its paces.

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