Brian Tooley Racing Announces BTR Short Blocks Now Available

Long known as a leader in LS performance parts, Brian Tooley Racing (BTR) has been working towards the moment at hand for the past few years. From expanding its parts line-up to adding a cutting-edge engine-building machine shop, BTR has steadily moved towards providing customers with a single place to get everything they need for an engine build.

BTR short block

BTR not only sells high-quality parts, it now assembles those parts into 1,000 horsepower capable LS short blocks.

BTR is taking a big step in that direction with the exciting announcement that it now offers fully assembled LS short-block builds. With all of its new equipment, BTR has put a tremendous amount of time and effort into perfecting the production process of its short-block program. Combining high-quality component sourcing and parts inspection with state-of-the-art machining and assembly processes has resulted in a high-performance short block produced 100 percent in-house.

btr short block

Many months of research and testing were put into perfecting the deck surfacing process to ensure things were to BTR’s standards.

To get things rolling, the initial offering is a 416 cubic-inch LS3 that uses a new GM block as its foundation. First, the new blocks are cleaned, bored to size, deck surfaced, and line honed. Once ready, the blocks are filled with a balanced rotating assembly consisting of a BTR 4340 forged 4.000-inch stroke crankshaft, 6.125-inch Callies Compstar 4340 forged H-beam rods, and Wiseco -8 cc dish pistons inside the 4.070-inch cylinder bores. Clevite rod and main bearings help keep everything rotating smoothly, while Point One main studs keep the crankshaft securely in place.

btr short block

Quality components have been chosen for the BTR short-block builds through extensive testing and decades of experience making reliable horsepower.

Every BTR short block is meticulously assembled in a sealed, clean engine building room by a member of the BTR team. Once completed, the short blocks are wrapped in a protective corrosion inhibitor engine bag before being crated up to ship out the door. Along with these new short blocks, BTR has a downloadable set of instructions that details steps and recommendations for building your LS3 into a complete engine. Additionally, you can add high-quality Driven Racing Oil BR40 break-in oil when ordering your short block.

As big of an announcement as this is for BTR, it’s only the next step. There’s no idle time around the BTR facility. That means there will soon be additional short block options such as Dart blocks (iron and aluminum), LSX blocks, and eventually Gen V LT blocks. With one phone call to Brian Tooley Racing, you can order a 1,000 horsepower rated short block, cylinder heads, valve train components, intake manifold, valve covers, camshaft, oil pan, and most other items to build a complete engine. These are exciting times for high-performance enthusiasts indeed.


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