New Engine Pro Cam Bearings Hit The Market

While Engine Pro has offered a fairly comprehensive line of engine bearings for popular performance applications for a while, one gap in their lineup was a lack of cam bearings. The team set out to fill that gap and just announced full availability of their entire catalog of cam bearings. Intended to cover the most popular domestic applications (and a few oddballs), Engine Pro’s new lineup of camshaft bearings are designed with quality and performance in mind.

Starting with perfectly round welded steel tubing that has precision outer and inner diameters as the substrate, the Babbitt lining is made from ASTM-13 or ASTM-14 material, (depending on the application) and is centrifugally cast onto the steel backing. This results in robust bearings that have a wall thickness with a .0004-inch (that’s four ten-thousandths of an inch) tolerance. Between the Babbitt material and the manufacturing process, these cam bearings are expected to provide an incredible service life in both basic and performance engine rebuilds.

Engine Pro Cam Bearings

Anyone who has installed cam bearings before knows that it can be a tricky process, and to help make life easier, Engine Pro has put a heavy chamfer on both the inner and outer edges of the bearing to help with bearing installation as well as camshaft installation. Additionally, the oil holes are sized to allow for a little misalignment, to give you a little bit of wiggle room, helping to prevent oil blockage and reduce the risk of needing to reinstall the bearings.

The initial 39 engine applications are listed below with a full part number cross-reference/interchange, and are currently available at any distributor or retailer where Engine Pro parts are sold.

As you can see, the most popular domestic engine applications are covered in Engine Pro’s initial product launch. By the time you read this, all bearing applications should be in-stock on distributors’ and retailers’ shelves.

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