Classic Dash Rides With The Project 899 Camaro

The Project 899 Camaro has achieved its goals, and it did so thanks to the involvement of a host of great companies in our industry and the components that they manufacture.

Our target at the outset with this project was to take a stripped-down 1969 Camaro and build a car capable of producing 899 horsepower and running quicker than 8.99 seconds, in just nine days. To do this, we relied on a Late Model Engines-built Gen V 6.6L L8T that’s topped with a 3.0-liter Whipple supercharger. The entire package is controlled by a Holley Dominator ECU, with the vitals supplied to the driver via a Holley EFI 6.86-inch Pro Dash.

Recognizing the popularity of Holley’s 6.86-inch digital dashes, the gang at Classic Dash has engineered a whole series of its OE replacement dashes to accommodate the unit. Included in that lineup is a dash for the 1967-’68 and 1969 Camaro, and so we would be remiss if we didn’t grab one to outfit Project 899. These dashes are direct replacement for the OE unit, with provisions built in to accommodate Holley’s dash, specifically.

In the motorsports world, precision and performance are paramount. Holley’s 6.86-inch Pro Dash is a technological marvel that caters to the discerning needs of motorsports enthusiasts. This compact, full HD package boasts over 200 monitoring channels, delivering reliable real-time data that is indispensable for optimizing performance on the track.


Measuring 6.86 inches, the Pro Dash is a compact powerhouse that is adaptable to a myriad of motorsports applications. Its 1280×480 resolution, low glare, high brightness, high contrast, full-color capacitive touch screen ensures visibility even under the glaring sun. With a plug-and-play connection to all Holley EFI systems and a weatherproof aluminum housing with flexible mounting options, it integrates seamlessly with your setup. It’s a window into the power and vitals of your Holley EFI system.

Customization is the hallmark of the 6.86-inch Pro Dash. It offers the flexibility to adapt to your specific requirements, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with your application. The Pro Dash comes complete with everything needed for installation, making setup a breeze.

But the Pro Dash offers more than just data monitoring; it enhances the functionality of your Holley EFI installation. The included 34-pin connector provides 13 multi-configurable inputs for Holley EFI sensors, from pressure to temperature. Even if you’re not using Holley EFI sensors, fear not – these inputs are configurable to accommodate various sensor scaling calibrations. The Pro Dash further features two dedicated speed inputs, allowing you to monitor RPM, driveshaft speed, or any other Hall effect speed input. Need additional outputs? The Pro Dash incorporates four ground-switched outputs, which can be conveniently used with the switch panel feature to control auxiliary accessories like a master nitrous switch or an electric water pump.

For those who seek visual cues, the Pro Dash includes a 10-LED programmable shift light integrated into the bezel of the dash. Additionally, it features four optional LEDs that can be programmed for various purposes, such as fuel pressure or oil pressure warning indicators or target boost indicators. The possibilities are nearly endless, giving you an edge in monitoring your vehicle’s performance.

The list of features goes on. The Pro Dash supports Dominator, HP, Terminator X, and Sniper EFI systems, making it versatile in its compatibility. With the capability to monitor up to 238 real-time values like RPM, TPS, and boost, it provides comprehensive insights. Its quick swipe functionality lets you toggle between multiple active screens, whether you’re tuning, warming up, racing, or driving. The virtual switch panel eliminates the need for external toggle switches, streamlining your setup.

The Pro Dash is designed for user convenience, with manual or auto-brightness features for easy viewing day or night. It even has a built-in GPS with an odometer function, ensuring that you can track your journey with precision. On-screen datalog playback allows you to review vital run information, while expandable storage via USB ensures you won’t run out of space. It’s a touch screen, just like your smartphone, so there’s no need for a stylus.

User-definable channel alarms and warnings offer you complete control and real-time tuning capability, specifically for HP and Dominator ECUs. With the included 34-pin wiring harness containing power, ground, and CANbus connections, installation is straightforward. Furthermore, the Pro Dash is upgradeable, ensuring it remains at the forefront of technology.

In a world where milliseconds make a difference, the Holley EFI 6.86-inch Pro Dash is a game-changer. Its compact size, comprehensive functionality, and adaptability make it a vital addition to any motorsports enthusiast’s arsenal. Beyond just a dashboard, it’s also the key to unlocking the full potential of a vehicle.

The Classic Dashes, made from a highly durable molded ABS injection molded plastic, can be optioned with or without vents (or limited to right vents only), and can also be purchased packaged with Holley’s digital Pro Dash, a Racepak digital dash, or with a more traditional round gauge cluster.

These dashes can be installed in a day with basic tools found in any car guys’ garage, and if you’re handling the electrical side of the Holley digital dash install, that too can handled at home using a soldering iron, electrical/crimping pliers, shrink wrap, a multi-meter, and other common tools, using directions supplied by Holley.

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