SEMA 2023: PRI Pairs Membership With Great Benefits

When it comes to any membership, most individuals seek a comprehensive rewards package upon joining. Unlike memberships where everyone pays a set cost and receives identical benefits, the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) designed a tiered system to accommodate diverse needs within the industry. With the unveiling of its latest membership package, PRI aimed to ensure it caters to all levels of motorsports enthusiasts, spanning from students to professionals and businesses.

Trials And Tribulations

Throughout the country, two prominent challenges have become increasingly evident: the closure of racetracks and legal threats looming over the racing community. Once a thriving sector, racetracks now grapple with significant difficulties in maintaining operations, largely due to the encroachment of residential neighborhoods or steep rises in property values. 

PRI Membership

On the legal front, various branches of the government have targeted specific segments of the automotive industry. The magnitude of these challenges can make it seem daunting for an individual or company to counter them. However, PRI adopts a collective ‘safety in numbers’ approach, providing a platform for unified action against these challenges.

Safety In Numbers

Dealing with a lawsuit or governmental enforcement is an overwhelming challenge that no individual or business can easily tackle. PRI, however, steps in by offering educational programs designed to support the success of businesses and racers. Their tiered membership structure begins with students and progresses to professionals, extending further to champion members and business memberships. Student membership starts at $20 per year, while professional membership begins at only $40.

PRI Membership

Membership offers several benefits, such as access to the PRI job board, a subscription to 12 issues of the PRI digital magazine, participation in the ‘Save Our Race Cars’ advocacy, and, notably, access to the PRI show for qualifying attendees. Moreover, various PRI-affiliated companies provide discounts to fellow PRI Members, creating a mutually beneficial scenario for all involved.

A Membership Worth Having

If the idea of collaborating with like-minded individuals, all dedicated to the preservation of our industry and equipped to offer educational programs that support the success of businesses and racers in a group environment appeals to you, then a PRI membership certainly is the perfect choice.

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