West Bend Dyno Ups The Fun Factor On C8s With LPE MAGNUSON TVS2650

Although the C8 Corvette has been on the roads for three years now, only recently have there been several major developments in the performance aftermarket to safely and reliably increase power in the Corvette’s latest generation sports car. Earlier this year Lingenfelter Performance Engineering (LPE) launched a complete supercharger program in partnership with Magnuson Superchargers along with the creation of an LPE Authorized Installer Program. West Bend Dyno Tuning owner Brad Riekkoff saw an opportunity to serve C8 owners and add to the list of West Bend Dyno’s capabilities, and the result is this 600-plus wheel horsepower C8 that clearly puts a smile on the face of anyone in the driver’s seat.

West Bend Dyno

West Bend Dyno offers a full-service experience from sales to installation and tuning of the LPE/Magnuson supercharger package.

As part of the LPE Authorized Installer Network, West Bend Dyno joins a very short list of dealers that can offer the LPE Magnuson C8 supercharger package, and are the only authorized retailer/installer in the state of Wisconsin. Due to the complexity of the C8’s drivetrain and electrical system, LPE’s COO/VP of Operations, Mark Rapson, felt that the installation should be left to trusted professionals. Being selected to participate in the LPE Authorized Installer Program speaks volumes for the caliber of work West Bend Dyno produces.

Recently the team at West Bend Dyno completed its first of many LPE/Magnuson C8 supercharger installations and gave us a look at how the car performs in the real world. According to West Bend Dyno’s lead technician and shop manager, Chris Degnitz, the installation went smoothly and without any hiccups thanks to the completeness of the package as a whole and LPE’s thorough instructions. Additionally, as a member of the Authorized Installer Program, West Bend Dyno received a jig designed by LPE that helps make the removal of the C8’s engine much easier. With the LT2 engine out of the car and on the jig, Degnitz can make quick work of the supercharger installation and get the engine back in its home.

West Bend Dyno

Lead technician Chris Degnitz buttons up the final touches on the LPE/Magnuson supercharger package.

I think traction might be a problem. – Brad Riekkoff, owner of West Bend Dyno Tuning

Before the disassembly started, West Bend Dyno’s EFI tuner, Brian Wohlfeil, put the car on the dyno to get a baseline power figure to compare to after the installation was complete. This particular C8 made approximately 480 wheel horsepower as a bone stock vehicle. After the supercharger installation and ECM calibration were complete, Wohlfeil strapped the C8 back on the dyno and produced 636 horsepower at the wheels and 583 lb-ft of torque. “The throttle response, tip-in, and drivability all feel really good,” Wohlfeil said.

Shout out to Lingenfelter for making a plug-and-play kit that comes with a calibration… and is a proven system. – Brian Wohlfeil, EFI tuner at West Bend Dyno

The final stamp of approval on the LPE/Magnuson supercharger installation before delivery to the customer comes from West Bend Dyno’s captain. After putting a few miles on this C8, Riekkoff had nothing but positive things to say about the package. From the instantaneous torque to the docile drivability, there doesn’t appear to be any downside to adding the LPE/Magnuson supercharger package to your C8. “A nice part about this kit is you can get the warranty with it,” Riekkoff added. If you have a C8 and want to add some spice to your driving experience visit West Bend Dyno and let their team add some boost to your life.


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