PRI 2023: You Need A BendPak QuickJack Portable Car Lift

As we were perusing the 2023 Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Show we had the opportunity to spend some time with our friends at BendPak. This offered the opportunity to eyeball, and get hands-on with, the company’s QuickJack. If you’re not familiar with the QuickJack you need to be. It’s a portable lift system for vehicles and it’s available in a variety of weight capacities. The QuickJack will vastly increase your comfort while working on the undercarriage of your car or truck.

Contained within BendPak’s booth at the PRI show was the company’s QuickJack. The QuickJack’s independent frames offer an open-center experience that no other portable unit comes close to matching. The lift’s rise and descent are controlled by a proprietary flow divider. This ensures that the frames always remain level. For safety, each frame is outfitted with automatic mechanical locks. Once your vehicle is lifted, there’s virtually zero chance of vehicle slippage or lock failure.

The very cool QuickJack car lift system comes in a variety of weight capacities, lift heights, and sizes. For example, the QuickJack 5000TL has a 5,000-pound capacity, 24-inch lift height, and 70-inch frame length. The 5000TLX is currently available for preorder. It’s an extended-length lift with jack support locations that extend 6 inches farther than the TL models. The QuickJack family of lifts includes units with capacities of 3,500 pounds to 7,000 pounds.

Additionally, each QuickJack has urethane wheels, extended block trays, and quick-connect fittings to connect the frame to the power unit. And speaking of the power unit, BendPak offers a 12V unit if your wrenching is on the go. Finally, the easy to use pendant control has two buttons: up and down. Quite simply, the QuickJack could transform your undercarriage wrenching.

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