AWD Corvette E-Ray Tackles International Ice Race

Usually, electricity and water don’t mix. But when the all-wheel-drive 2024 Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray tackled the [frozen] water at the 2024 F.A.T. International Ice Race in January, the result was shockingly cool.

The Inaugural North American F.A.T. Ice Race Driven by Mobil 1 Takes Over Aspen, CO with 50 Specialty, Rare Cars and Expert Racers (Credit: Mobil 1)

Skeptics were quick to judge the electrified Corvette E-Ray hybrid when it was first announced, but General Motors’ team silenced a lot of concerns with flat-out fast facts: the 655 combined hp E-Ray beats many premium hybrid exotics with its 2.5-second 6-60 mph time and 10.5-second quarter-mile elapsed time. Plus, its all-wheel-drive gives it tremendous grip and lets it take advantage of the tons of torque produced from the electric motors while also boasting an 8-speed dual-clutch transmission, carbon ceramic brakes, 345 rear tires, a top speed of nearly 200 mph, and so much more.

In the rear, the same 495-horsepower naturally aspirated 6.2L LT2 V8 engine found in the C8 Corvette Stingray propels the E-Ray, while a 160-horsepower electric motor up front is tasked with propelling the front drive wheels; together, the two work in conjunction and combine to create an all-new, hybrid-powered Corvette unlike any ever before.

Image courtesy of James Stacey.

Recently, a Corvette development engineer, Cody Bulkley, brought a beautiful burgundy beast to heat things up at the inaugural North American F.A.T. Ice Race in idyllic Aspen, Colorado. With plenty of advantages in its arsenal, the 2024 E-Ray took to the ice like a fish to water.

Image courtesy of Cody Bulkley

Organizers of the race, which is sponsored by Mobil 1 – the factory fill partner for motor oil in all new Corvettes since 1993 and a sponsor of Corvette Racing – and features several of the world’s leading drivers, specifically requested the Corvette E-Ray’s presence at the 3-day event.

Racing on a 1,809-foot frozen circuit of ice, Bulkley expertly and effortlessly flaunted the E-Ray’s impressive performance and its incredible traction capabilities. Bulkley also undoubtedly had a smile on his face every time he let the rear end slide wide while carving the snowy corners and threw plenty of epic rooster tails of fresh Colorado powder.

Although the C8 Corvette didn’t make it to the final rounds of the competition, it definitely scored a big win in the “fun” department.

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