Design Engineering, Inc. Introduces New License Plate Pad

Thanks to Design Engineering Inc. (DEI) the simplest way to prevent unwanted noise and rust, and protect your car’s paint, can be a bolt-on upgrade. The company is constantly innovating ways to reduce unwanted noise and make our rides more enjoyable. DEI has just introduced its new license plate pad. Even though its installation can be quite simple, the benefits can be long-lasting and beneficial.

As a company dedicated to providing innovative solutions for vehicle enthusiasts, we are thrilled to introduce the License Plate Pad to our product lineup. — Mike Buca, Brand Manager of Design Engineering, Inc.

Crafted with precision and quality materials, the pad effectively reduces noise and vibrations caused by the rattling of the license plate, ensuring a smoother and quieter driving experience for motorists. The DEI pad is a specially engineered material constructed of closed-cell foam that will not retain moisture or promote rust.

DEI license plate pad

The pad mounts easily behind the plate with adhesive, preventing rust and protecting your car’s shiny finish.

The pad also features an adhesive backing designed to be applied to the bare metal on the back surface of the license plate, preventing moisture from penetrating the surface and causing corrosion. The pad is sized to fit standard, state-issued plate dimensions and fits seamlessly between the plate and your vehicle’s painted surface. This serves to isolate the license plate from your vehicle’s paint, protecting your vehicle’s finish against scratches and abrasions.

The product is packaged as a convenient two-pack and is simple to install. The new DEI license plate pad is available to order now on DEI’s website.  For more information about DEI’s newest sound and rust-preventing product, or any of the company’s complete line of innovative products, visit

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