Toolbox Essentials: Flo Supply Double-Head AN Wrench Set

The Flo Supply billet double-head AN Wrench set (PN: 60-58361-SET) is a must-have for automotive professionals as well as enthusiasts who work on their own vehicles. Designed to prevent damage to Army-Navy (AN) fittings and hose ends, these wrenches ensure the integrity and longevity of critical connections. Crafted from high-quality billet aluminum, they are both durable and lightweight. The matte black anodized finish not only enhances their aesthetic appeal but also provides corrosion resistance, ensuring long-term reliability.

Flo Supply AN Wrench


Flo Supply designed these double-ended AN wrenches specifically to fit B-nuts and sockets on hose end assemblies. Each wrench features two distinct ends, each tailored for different components of the assembly. The “B” side is designed for B-nuts, the fittings on tubing or hoses that secure the connections. This side of the wrench is precisely sized to ensure a secure and tight fit, preventing any potential damage to the fittings during installation or maintenance.

Flo Supply AN Wrench

The opposite end, known as the “S” side, is intended for hose end sockets. These are the parts of the hose assembly where the hose connects to the fittings. The “S” side is precision machined to fit these sockets perfectly, allowing for easy and safe tightening or loosening. By using the correct side of the wrench for each component, users can achieve proper installation and maintenance of AN fittings, effectively preventing leaks and ensuring the durability of the connections.

The Flo Supply billet AN wrench set includes a comprehensive range of sizes. Each end of the wrench is engraved for quick size referencing, making them a versatile and essential addition to any toolbox. It must be noted that the Flo Supply double-head AN wrench set does not fit 3AN B-nuts.

Flo Supply Double Head Wrench Set Sizes

“S” Side | “B” Side

3AN & 4AN

4AN & 6AN

6AN & 8AN

8AN & 10AN

10AN & 12AN

12AN & 16AN

16AN & 20AN


Flo Supply AN Wrench

Not only do we think the Flo Supply double head AN wrench set is a must have, but for the rest of the month you can score this wrench set for free with any order over $250. For the details on this deal visit Flo Supply here.

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