Size Matters: Vortech LS Race Bracket For The Huge V-30 Supercharger

It’s been 27 years since the introduction of the LS engine and among the high-performance industry there is no slowing down when it comes to developing components to produce more horsepower for the LS platform. Vortech Superchargers is one such company that has continually supported the LS family of engines by creating more options for installing its various centrifugal superchargers on them. The Vortech V-30 LS Engine Race Bracket is the company’s solution for enthusiasts wanting to push the horsepower envelope of LS engines.

LS Race Bracket


The LS Engine Race Bracket is constructed of two billet aluminum plates that are milled for weight savings while retaining the strength needed to support Vortech’s V-30 line of superchargers. The bracket features a hard anodized dual-bearing billet aluminum idler pulley with flanges to keep the supercharger drive belt centered. The idler pulley is fully adjustable so that drive belt tension can be properly set and maintained. Additionally, the Vortech LS Race Bracket includes an anodized billet aluminum water port assembly with -12AN fittings.

LS Race Bracket

Spinning the huge V-30 series supercharger is a 50mm hard anodized billet aluminum cogged drive pulley and crankshaft pulley. The bracket kit also includes the necessary spacers and high-grade mounting hardware to complete the installation. This bracket is designed for those wanting the most horsepower possible from an LS engine using one of the four V-30 superchargers. With the Vortech LS Engine Race Bracket your choices of supercharger range from the V-30 94A capable of producing 30-plus pounds of boost and 1,400-plus horsepower up to the V-30 131B that can crank out 58-plus pounds of boost and 3,500-plus horsepower.

LS Race Bracket

The V-30 series of superchargers is a clean sheet design for Vortech to satisfy the needs of racers and enthusiasts wanting well over 1,000 horsepower.  Its patented design features a unique impeller shaft support system that is strong enough to handle the speeds and acceleration demands of high-horsepower drag racing engines and is durable enough to perform well in offshore powerboat racing. The V-30 series utilizes a 5-axis machined billet impeller design coupled with a high-diffusion compressor housing to create a high-efficiency supercharger.

Combining the V-30 series superchargers with the LS Race Bracket results in an extremely powerful and reliable forced induction package for your LS engine. For more information on the V-30 series of superchargers and the LS Engine Race Bracket visit Vortech Superchargers.

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