Water Rocket: JetSki Brothers’ LS-Swapped Ski Is A Handful

Here at LSX Magazine, we fully support the “LS swap the world!” mentality. Then are the people that live it, literally. Take content creators Josh and Jacob, for example. Better known as Jet Ski Brothers on social media, the duo builds swapped personal watercraft (PWCs) and jet boats. 

In this instance, they decided to LS swap a Yamaha FZR PWC. The first iteration of the build went smoothly enough. The two guys documented the extensive surgery needed to get the 5.3-liter LS engine fitting nice and snug inside the jet ski hull on their Instagram and YouTube channels. From the videos of their testing, this thing is a ripper!

Unfortunately, not long after its completion and some test runs, the LS swapped FZR shattered the jet drive, and sank to a shallow grave. Luckily it didn’t stay there for long. The team returned to the scene of the wreckage and pulled the damaged PWC out of the water and back to shore. Once back in the Jet Ski Brothers’ garage the resurrection began. 

The first thing to address was the area that housed the jet drive. The lower half of the hull was repaired and reinforced so as to prevent the same catastrophe from repeating itself in the future. With the hull ready to accept its new heart the guys decided to double down on their project by replacing the 5.3-liter LS with its bigger brother, a 6.0-liter they sourced from a local salvage yard. 

During the rebuild, Holley EFI lent a helping hand in the form of their 6.8-inch Pro Dash to help keep an eye on the engine vitals. Josh also used Holley’s Atomic Airforce intake manifold along with Holley EFI fuel rails on his LS. 

After a long 10-month rebuild, Josh and Jacob were once again ready to take the LS Waverunner back out on the water for testing. As you can see in their video, the LS-swapped creation looks to be a success! Its deep slightly choppy exhaust note sounds unlike any other personal watercraft you’re likely to ever see on the water, and it makes gobs of power for its weight. From the looks of it, the guys have accomplished their goal of building something very different that performs as well as it sounds. 

We look forward to seeing more videos from Jet Ski Brothers and the LS-swapped Waverunner as they race it against other PWCs and against some of their other swapped jet skies to see how it stacks up! Stay tuned to their YouTube channel at JetSkiBrothers.

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