All-New G-Body Rear Suspension Kit From BMR

With older classics getting harder to come by, many are finally realizing how cool some later model classics really are. Take for instance the G-body. Once looked at as mom and dad’s car, they are now gaining popularity with hot rodders. That’s why companies like BMR Suspensions are stepping up and outfitting these cars with hot rod parts.

If you’re building a 1978 through 1987 GM G-body helping handle and launch better than ever is possible with this new G-body Rear Suspension Kit from BMR Suspension. While stock-stamped-steel control arms with soft rubber bushings deflect under load and absorb power, BMR’s polyurethane, non-adjustable Rear Suspension Kit (RSK469) exponentially improves traction and handling characteristics.

The kit consists of non-adjustable lower control arms, adjustable upper control arms, and control arm reinforcement braces. The kit is completed with polyurethane differential bushings and hardware for everything. The lower control arms are manufactured from heavy-duty 1.50-inch diameter, 0.120-inch wall, DOM steel tubing, the lower control arms provide all the strength you’ll need for any performance application. The upper control arms are manufactured from 1.25-inch diameter, 0.120-inch wall, DOM steel tubing, strong enough for any compression load.

The upper control arm’s adjustability comes via the CNC-machined center adjuster made of chromoly steel. It also features rolled threads for the ultimate in strength and durability. This design gives you a strong control arm that greatly improves performance. The reinforcement braces are made from 1.0-inch diameter, 0.156-inch wall, steel tubing to help reduce frame deflection. The upper and lower control arms come with greasable, 95-durometer polyurethane bushings.

BMR Suspension designed its kits to work well in all aspects of hot rodding, including street performance, drag race, and handling applications. The heavy-duty upper and lower control arms eliminate flex, giving you much-improved repeatability on the street, starting line, or in the corners. BMR’s polyurethane bushings are designed to be compliant enough to give you a comfortable ride and absorb Noise, Vibration, and Harmonics (NVH) while remaining firm enough to stand up to the high loads of any performance environment.

The bushings easily handle the high compression loads of aggressive launches and hard acceleration, yet offer plenty of articulation for great handling. The reinforcement braces provide additional strength to the rear suspension for a more responsive driving experience. According to the folks at BMR, this product is the perfect upgrade for the enthusiast looking to improve performance.

The BMR G-body Rear Suspension Kit is available in black hammertone and red powdercoat for long-lasting good looks. Installation time is about 4 to 5 hours. Finally, the G-body rear suspension kit is proudly made in the USA.

  • Fits 1978-1987 GM G-bodies
  • Non-adjustable design (lower control arms)
  • On-car adjustable design (upper control arms)
  • 95-durometer internally fluted polyurethane greasable bushings
  • Zinc-coated inner sleeves
  • DOM steel tubing
  • 1.25-inch diameter, 0.120-inch wall, tubing upper control arms
  • 1.50-inch diameter, 0.120-inch wall, tubing lower control arms
  • 1.0-inch diameter, 0.156-inch wall, tubing control arm reinforcement braces
  • MIG-welded lower and upper control arms
  • TIG-welded control arm reinforcement braces
  • Drastically reduces control arm flex
  • Drastically reduces bushing deflection
  • Improved Performance with acceptable NVH levels
  • Control arm reinforcement braces reduce frame deflection
  • Designed for street performance, drag race, and road-race applications

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