Street Takeover Corvette Fail: You Be The Judge

Okay, we know how folks like to play Monday-Morning Quarterback, so this seems like the perfect time to toss this little gem out there for discussion. In this short video, which serves as excellent fodder for insurance companies and many other entities that may be interested, you can clearly see some urban youths in a Corvette and two Mustangs enjoying the open range of an unassuming intersection during a recent street takeover.

Who hasn’t come across a nearly-virgin stretch of asphalt and thought to themselves, “This would be a great place for an accident”? Apparently, that is exactly what the drivers of these cars set out to do. I mean, doing doh-nuts in an intersection is so boring, so these guys figure that a couple of cars going in opposing directions would be the perfect way to break up the monotony, and a few body panels. Enter two Mustangs and a C5 Corvette.

As if the red light even matters, you can see this intersection has had its share of sliders. The Corvette was traveling clockwise, and the Mustang counter-clockwise. Was there any doubt about how this was going to end up?

You can pretty much see how it all went down with a quick view of the video. At least two cars, the first Mustang and the Corvette will be spending a few days in the shop. The video of this street takeover is cut short, so we never know if the second Mustang felt the need to be included in the carnage. Keen eyes will also note that the passenger in the Corvette is doing his best to ride this donkey side-saddle by hanging out the window. A choice he likely regrets once his steed stops instantly as it slides into the Mustang. Maybe someone in the crowd knows a good chiropractor?

Two Street Takeover Wrongs And Not A Right In Sight

As you can imagine, we don’t condone these types of shenanigans, and each time a video comes out like this, it serves as a perfect example of why we feel that way. In this video, the poster asks the question of who was at fault. Unless we’re looking at a different video, we’d have to say that both (all three actually) were in the wrong. More often than not, the only right thing to do in situations like this is to park your car in a parking lot FAR AWAY.

But, don’t take our word for it. Check out the video and see for yourself. And, if you have an opinion, feel free to share it below and let us know who bears the brunt of the blame. Think of it as the old Ford vs. Chevy battle, but between insurance companies.

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