Moroso Now Sells Giant Air-Oil Separator Kits For 3rd Gen GM Trucks

Large-body trucks typically require a massive investment of time and money. Not just from a financial viewpoint, but from a product purpose perspective as well. This is true across the board, and for those of us who tow, throw mud off-road, and/or utilize our rigs as regular work trucks it becomes even more critical.

Regardless of what you drive, greasy engines are a constant concern for all of us, especially when the issues are internally oriented. This is precisely why the oil-centric minds at Moroso decided it was time to release a new air-oil separator kit. These latest air-oil separator kits are specifically designed to handle crankcase pressure for GM’s 5.3- and 6.2-liter DI engines.

Aiming to keep a hefty handful of 2014 to 2018 GM pickup trucks and SUV options running clean, Moroso has tooled this catch can to accommodate the following vehicles from this era: Silverado, Sierra, Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon, and the 2019 Silverado Legacy/Sierra Limited.

Moroso GM Truck Oil Separator

A fully installed Moroso air-oil separator kit on a 2014-2018 third-generation GM V8 truck.

Straightforward and highly effective, this air-oil separator kit is engineered and fabricated from top-grade materials. Despite what major motor oil manufacturers and the scientists behind synthetic lubricants would have us believe, there truly is no real way of getting around engine sludge.

Engine blow-by is one of those inevitable occurrences that transpire once a combustion engine gets its pistons pumping. Luckily, modern engines and modern aftermarket advancements allow this byproduct to be captured and disposed of.

Moroso Is Known For High-Quality Performance-Automotive Components

Moroso understands this better than any of us, as the brand’s focus clearly illustrates. Considering their expertise and investment in motorsports by supporting a large portion of racers and races, you can see why many turn toward Moroso for their oil augmentation needs. All of the over-engineering that goes into each application can be found instilled within this new Moroso air-oil separator kit. Check out these beautifully crafted parts that look like they belong on a rocket ship!

A side-by-side look at Moroso's catch can options for 2014-2018 GM V8 trucks.

As the product photos and install images clearly illustrate, both polished aluminum and black anodized versions are available. The gargantuan oil separator setup adds an additional layer of protection and visual appeal with the direct-fit bolt-in design. Moroso’s air-oil separators are the solution to an issue GM’s Direct Injected V8 motors are known to produce.

What Exactly Does The Moroso Air-Oil Separator Do?

Like any other Moroso catch can kit, this one installs in line with the PCV system. This is where it captures excess crankcase vapors, residual oil and moisture, and sludgy foam. The design prevents it all from re-entering the intake tract. Each oil separator features a billet aluminum body with an internal baffle and stainless-steel-mesh media filters. There’s also a bottom ball valve and a swiveling elbow arm for mess-free drainage. Needless to say, that is a blessing when it comes to routine maintenance.

These kits come ready for installation. Using vehicle-specific mounting brackets, billet clamps, 90-degree hose fittings, and pre-cut hose lengths to make it easy. No cutting or bracket geometry guessing here folks. Just a turnkey oil separator solution with Moroso craftsmanship and some pre-installed quick-release fittings for easy plumbing.

You can find both versions of these GM V8 air-oil separator kits on Moroso’s website (PN 85529 and 85533) on Moroso’s website.

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