PRI 2023: Titanium Valves And Tool-Steel Retainers For All

titanium valves

Reducing weight within the valvetrain has always been a goal for many racers. Less weight means better performance. That is why many companies are making parts that laugh at scales. Such is the case with these new titanium valves from Erson Cams. The downside to titanium is the cost.

Thanks to the team at Erson, lightweight titanium valves are now more accessible to all by offering a variety of ready-to-go styles and sizes of valves made from this ultra-lightweight material.

Each valve starts as a solid piece of aerospace-grade titanium and is then forged into its almost-finished shape. This process and material make for a very strong and durable one-piece valve that is significantly lighter than any steel-based valve materials and designs. When the forging is ready, it is then precision-machined to the final shape, stem diameter, and valve face angle.

Once that is done, a hardened steel valve stem tip is attached to the valve to increase wear resistance without the need to use a separate lash cap. A valve without retainers is, well, just an unusable part. To make a locating point for the keepers, Erson uses a radial-style groove. The rounded design softens the impact on the valve lock groove under harsh, out-of-control valve events, and reduces valve-lock wear by up to 30 percent.

“Currently, the valves are available for the Profiler big-block heads and small-block applications,” says Jack McInnis of Erson.

Valves need a retainer, and Erson has announced a tool-steel retainer that will be the perfect choice for many. These new Lightweight Tool Steel Retainers from Erson Cams are available with either a 10- or Super 7-degree angle and fit virtually all common stem sizes. The high-strength properties of tool steel provide exceptional wear and strength properties, making them able to withstand the most demanding racing applications. They are approximately 30 percent lighter than conventional chromoly steel retainers and depending on the application, only slightly heavier than titanium. They are CNC machined, meaning they are precision-made with tight tolerances and are suitable for high-RPM operation.

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