ICT Billet Offers The Path To Easier LS And LT Swaps

When it comes to LS, and more recently, LT swaps the list of parts available to fit these engines into classic vehicles is mind-boggling. To perform an LS/LT swap in a timely manner it’s a huge help to know what specific parts will be needed to complete the engine installation. That’s where ICT Billet shines. Not only does the Wichita, Kansas-based company manufacture high-quality components tailored to put LS and LT engines in vehicles that didn’t leave the factory with them, but they have painstakingly created easy-to-follow guides that will help you complete your next engine swap with few if any headaches or hassles.

LS swap guide

ICT Billet is fully behind the “LS swap the world” idea, even swapping a turbo LS3 into a Lamborghini.

Bring On The Lasers

We recently spoke with Jared Hill at ICT Billet to get the details on their swap guides and ask him how they came about. “We take precision and fitment seriously at ICT Billet,” Hill said. “Before we even start crafting our parts, we want to ensure they fit perfectly on the intended vehicle.” According to Hill, the first step in the process is laser scanning the vehicle. The team at ICT Billet rolls the vehicle into their facility minus the engine or transmission. The vehicle is then precision laser scanned to collect millions of data points across its engine bay, body, and chassis. “This step captures every detail of the vehicle with pinpoint accuracy,” Hill said.

LS swap guide

Modeling vehicles in 3D space allows for a wide variety of parts to be test-fit before they are created. This speeds up the time for production parts to be manufactured and ensures precise fitment.

Once the scanning is complete, the data is used to create a three-dimensional computer model. “Within this model, we meticulously test-fit the engine, transmission, and related accessories,” Hill explained. “This process allows us to verify what fits and where ensuring ideal locations for brackets and components. We pay special attention to critical areas like oil pans and headers. Through extensive clearance checks, we determine the best-fitting headers and oil pans for the specific vehicle.”

Our dedication to this comprehensive process stems from our commitment to delivering parts that not only work but also seamlessly integrate into your vehicle. Jared Hill

The time, money, and energy spent on performing this process for a variety of vehicles creates many benefits for ICT Billet customers. Having an accurate road map to follow for a large project like an LS/LT swap is virtually priceless. Hill explained a few of the benefits this way, “Customers don’t have to guess which parts will fit their vehicle. Our fitment guides provide accurate information, saving them valuable time. By offering precise fitment details, we help customers avoid unnecessary purchases and expenses. We’ve invested the time and effort to remove the guesswork from the equation. Customers can trust that our fitment information is reliable, allowing them to make informed decisions about their parts and upgrades.”

ICT Billet’s vehicle-specific LS swap guide sheets are the perfect “cheat sheet” with pictures and part numbers of the parts that will fit your vehicle.

There’s no doubt that the team at ICT Billet takes great pride in producing top-notch components with precise fitment, but how do customers know which components, such as oil pans and headers, are the correct parts for their vehicle? “We’ve invested time in laser scanning both OE and aftermarket LS and LT oil pans and headers to build an extensive database of fitment options,” Hill said. “This allows us to systematically test and determine the best-fitting combinations for each vehicle, ensuring our customers receive accurate recommendations and eliminating the need for guesswork or trial and error.”

Covering All Aspects Of An LS Swap

In addition to the extensive measuring and modeling process, ICT Billet has gone the extra mile to include part numbers in its swap guides to further aid customers in removing guesswork and saving time. The guides have been created for the most frequently swapped vehicles based on customer requests, and more vehicles are being scanned in the future. “Currently, we offer LS swap sheets for over twenty different GM chassis, along with additional sheets for non-GM vehicles like the highly sought-after fox body Mustang,” Hill said. “For select vehicles, we also created LT swap sheets, ensuring we cater to a wide range of automotive enthusiasts and their specific needs.”

The ICT Billet LS swap guide doesn’t stop at oil pans and headers though. Their guides also include information necessary for identifying the model of the LS engine you have or may be looking at. Details regarding water pumps, harmonic balancers, flex plates, cylinder heads, intake manifolds, injectors, ignition coils, and more can be found in the ICT Billet LS swap guide. There’s even a list of RPO codes that shows every model of LS engine produced with details for each code and a page showing all of the wiring connectors used on LS harnesses with pictures of each connector to make identification easy for the customer.

When it comes to LS swapping your vehicle of choice, ICT Billet has done a phenomenal job of proactively answering the questions that come up most often during these projects. The amount of information they have put into their LS swap guide no doubt gives customers the confidence to perform LS swaps themselves without the stresses of ordering the wrong parts, or parts not fitting correctly, and saves the customers a tremendous amount of time in the process.

It’s all about achieving the perfect fit and performance you expect from ICT Billet. Jared Hill

If you are thinking about performing an LS or LT swap, you owe it to yourself to download the ICT Billet LS swap guide before starting your project. Not only will you be armed with all of the necessary information, but you will also have a list of part numbers that will be needed to complete the installation. A quick call to ICT Billet or a visit to their website here, and you can have all of the parts headed your way to make your LS swap go smoothly.

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