ARP Chaser Taps Are The Right Tool For Engine Preparation

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While rebuilding an engine can be an exhilarating experience, it’s typically something you only want to have to do once. That means doing it right the first time. These new thread-chaser taps from Automotive Racing Products (ARP) are one of the tools necessary to ensure that all your hard work is here to stay.

There are so many torque specifications throughout an engine, and ensuring that each bolt is fastened to the proper torque specification is key to keeping compression, and all the necessary liquids, where they were designed to be. The best way to ensure proper torque values — in addition to using a properly calibrated torque wrench — is by cleaning out the threads of each hole to ensure that debris will not compromise the thread engagement. Even the highest-quality torque wrench will not overcome a misread torque value due to debris or crud in the threads.

That is exactly why ARP has expanded its line of specially designed thread-chaser taps, which are engineered to clean out existing threads instead of cutting new ones. ARP has recently expanded its chaser taps offering to include 22 different sizes of both SAE and metric threads. The company also offers combination sets of chaser taps that include some of the most common sizes used by engine builders today.

For the most reliable, precision torque values, be sure to use ARP’s Ultra-Torque fastener lubricant to obtain accurate fastener preloading. Extensive laboratory tests have shown ARP’s Ultra-Torque fastener lube to be far superior to oil, moly, EPL, and other substances in delivering 95- to 100-percent of the desired preload in the first (and any subsequent) pulls of the torque wrench. Check out all of ARP’s line of quality fasteners, fastener lubricants, and thread-chaser taps at the company’s website. You can also contact ARP’s helpline by calling (800) 826-3045.

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