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The automotive enthusiast hobby is largely filled with do-it-yourself type people, and building an LS engine in your personal shop or garage has never been easier. Parts are widely available for everything from stock rebuilds to wild forced-induction powerhouses. Although parts are offered by many suppliers, it can sometimes be a daunting task to order from a number of different companies. Summit Racing has been supplying automotive enthusiasts with quality parts for decades, and has recently launched the Pro LS line of engine components.

The Summit Racing Pro LS parts are designed with high-performance and reliability in mind. If you want to assemble an LS short-block that is capable of handling lots of horsepower without breaking the bank, then look no further than the Summit Racing site. Using the search feature on their site you can quickly produce a list of every Pro LS part available. To begin your short-block assembly you will need to source your own LS engine block first. This type of build is perfect for a stock block that can found in a scrapyard or even Facebook Marketplace.


Once your one the Summit Racing site it’s only a matter of pointing and clicking “Add To Cart” to get your Pro LS build going. Starting with the rotating assembly you can select the crankshaft in either a 3.622-inch or 4.000-inch stroke with either a 24X or 58X reluctor. All the crankshafts are made from 4340 forged steel and feature lightened rod journals, gun-drilled mains, and internal balancing. Next, you’ll need connecting rods. The Summit Racing Pro LS rods are also made from 4340 forged steel in an H-beam design. They are available in a range of lengths from 6.098 inches up to 6.275 inches. All the Pro LS rods include ARP 2000 cap screws for additional strength.

Pro LS


The last part of your rotating assembly are the pistons. The Pro LS forged pistons can be ordered for bore diameters ranging from 3.898 inches up to 4.125 inches along with options for many different compression heights, rod lengths, strokes, and piston head volume. Additionally, these forged pistons can be ordered specifically for naturally aspirated or forced induction combinations.

To button up the short-block assembly you can also order an oil pan, timing set, and camshaft all from the Pro LS line of parts. If you would like to save even more time, Summit Racing offer Pro LS rotating assembly that include the pistons, rings, rods, and wrist pins. These are available in stock stroke configurations as well as stroker assemblies. These rotating assemblies can also be ordered to include a crankshaft if you choose.

With your short-block ready to ship you can always continue to other categories on the Summit Racing site to order everything needed to assemble a complete engine. In a matter of days you can have every component necessary for a Pro LS short block along with the remaining parts to build your engine from throttle body to oil pan. Visit Summit Racing for more information and to begin ordering parts for your own Pro LS short-block or complete engine build.

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