Michigan Motorsports’ Lumberjack LS Cam Chops Like Paul Bunyan

Michigan Motorsports (MM) has built its outstanding reputation on having a massive stock of the top name brand parts for the LS and LT platforms. More recently, the family-owned shop has begun developing their own line of parts to better serve their customers with more choices of quality components. Creating a lineup of LS camshafts made perfect sense, and the Michigan Motorsports’ LS cams have been a hit. The latest addition to the lineup is the Lumberjack LS Truck cam for those wanting an aggressive choppy idle to go along with improved performance.

When you have an axe to grind with the truck in the other lane, the Lumberjack has the power to back up its bark! — Dan Baber, Owner Michigan Motorsports

Lumberjack cam

The Lumberjack cam is available in a standard and high-lift version. According to Baber, both camshafts work well with a factory torque converter in 5.3-liter and 6.0-liter LS-powered trucks and SUVs. He does recommend that a converter with a 2,800 rpm stall speed be used in 4.8-liter LS combinations. The Lumberjack cam fits LS engines from 1999 to 2013, but if your engine has variable-valve-timing (VVT) and/or displacement-on-demand/active fuel management (DOD/AFM) you will need delete kits for those systems to install one of a Lumberjack cam. The good news is that Michigan Motorsports carries VVT and DOD/AFM delete kits in stock. Additionally, if installing this cam in an LS engine originally equipped with a 1-bolt camshaft, a 3-bolt conversion kit is required.

The specs on the standard Lumberjack cam are .550 inch of lift for the intake and exhaust and 108 degrees of lobe separation. At 0.050 inch of lift, the duration on the intake is 214 degrees and the exhaust is 224 degrees. “Our truck camshaft lobe profiles are designed to be compatible with LS6-style beehive valve springs,” Baber says. “This allows for the reuse of the factory retainers and locks for those customers looking for a budget-friendly combination.”

[Lumberjack High-Lift cam] is great for truck owners wanting a 10-15 horsepower gain over the standard Lumberjack with a considerable chop at idle. — Dan Baber

The Lumberjack High-Lift LS cam is designed for those with LS-swapped hot rods and street cruisers. It features 0.600 inch of lift on the intake and exhaust with 108 degrees of lobe separation. At 0.050 inch lift the intake duration is 214 degrees and the exhaust is 225 degrees. According to Baber, the Lumberjack High-Lift cam keeps the same broad powerband and drivability of the standard version, but with an aggressively choppy idle. “The high-lift version is an excellent choice for street car applications with manual transmissions,” Baber says.

Both Lumberjack cams can be ordered as a camshaft only or as a Michigan Motorsports kit that includes MM beehive valve springs, valve seals, and chromoly pushrods. The high-lift version can be ordered with MM dual .645-inch lift valve springs, lightweight titanium retainers, valve seals, locks, locators, and chromoly pushrods. For more information visit the Michigan Motorsports site.

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