Wilson Manifold Debuts Billet LT2 Intake That’s Begging For Boost

Wilson Manifold is a name synonymous with performance. For 39 years, Keith Wilson and his team at Wilson Manifold have been at the forefront of intake manifold technology, design, and development. The company has come a long way from its early beginnings creating carburetor spacers to today where they offer a variety of cast aluminum, fabricated sheet metal, and billet aluminum intake manifolds. The latest design from Wilson Manifold is an LT2 intake that is a billet beauty for the C8 Corvette.

LT2 intake

This new intake manifold is the result of extensive development that begins with 3D solid modeling and simulated flow testing before being prototyped and tested on one of Wilson Manifold’s computer-automated flow bench machines where real-world data is collected.

The new LT2 intake manifold features a very unique design on its upper half that resembles fluid in motion. This type of design is possible thanks to the 5-axis machining centers in the Wilson Manifold facility. These machines allow the engineers and design team to incorporate compound angles and complete curves into the intake manifold designs.

LT2 intake

This new intake fits 2020 to 2024 C8 Corvettes with the 6.2L LT2 engine. It’s a bolt-together billet aluminum design and works in both the coupe and hard-top convertible models. Now that there is the capability to tune the Global B ECM in the C8, we are seeing a sharp rise in the number of C8 Corvettes being built with Prochargers and turbochargers. Wilson Manifold designed this intake to benefit forced induction combinations. According to their site, the LT2 billet intake is pressure tested to 100 psi. Yes, you read that right, this billet intake manifold is ready for all the boost you can throw at it.

LT2 intake

Additionally, the intake incorporates bosses for additional port fuel injectors and nitrous nozzles. The standard intake ships with the bosses untapped. However, Wilson Manifold offers the LT2 intake with both the additional injector holes and nitrous bosses already drilled and tapped. The intake accepts throttle body sizes ranging from the stock 87mm unit up to 103mm throttle bodies. Whether you’re installing this on a mild naturally aspirated LT2 or a bigger cubic-inch forced induction combination, the Wilson Manifold billet LT2 intake will catch peoples’ attention for its looks and its performance.

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