Babe Of The Month: Ashley Carpenter

With Carpenter as her last name, this Babe Of The Month is out constructing new standards in the modeling world. Introducing Miss Ashley Carpenter, courtesy of Corvette Online. This blonde bombshell is a native of Michigan now residing in Southern California.

While Ashley may look like the girly-girl type who love trips to the mall and Starbucks, deep down she’s more of an adrenaline junky. In her spare time she loves to go ride dirt bikes, go wake boarding, go to the beach, swimming, tanning, and generally being outdoors. She definitely is the type of girl who isn’t afraid to let loose, break a nail, and have fun.

When we asked Ashley to show up for the shoot, she really didn’t know what to expect. Her hope was that the shoot was with a Corvette, and we were happy to make that dream come true for her. Just one glance and you can tell this ‘Vette had more going on than some simple upgrades. We actually heard this car well before we even saw the Corvette coming down the road.

The Silver Bullet

This C6 is a 2007 Corvette ZO6 owned by David Do. At first glance you’ll notice subtle cosmetic differences that really compliment the car. To start, the wheels were swapped out with a set of 18″ Forgestar CF5’s. They are wrapped in Toyo 888 tires, 315/30’s in the front and 335/30’s in the rear.

One really unique cosmetic change that Do made to this ‘Vette was wrapping the roof in black velvet. There’s no real reason for doing this, other than to make his ‘Vette stand out from the crowd.

How Do really separates himself from all the other Corvettes on the road lies under the hood. Do took the car over to Cunningham Motorsports for a little help in the go department. Cunningham took the ‘Vette under the knife, tearing into the motor.

The motor is an LS7 that sports a custom ground Comp camshaft. The heads were replaced with Stage Two West Coast Cylinder Heads to compliment the cam and get more air into the engine. A FAST 102 intake manifold completes the top end while a set of Kooks Headers finishes off the bottom. The headers are bolted to an X-pipe with a complete Corsa exhaust.

We can tell you that this combination sounds insanely nasty in person. This combination brought the horsepower to well over 600 ponies. David’s original plan was to actually keep the car stock. “But of course that’s never the case,” said Do. He was more than willing to let us shoot his car and have Ashley give an inspection of the motor. With the Corvette covered, here’s all the specifications for Ashley Carpenter.

The Basics Specs…

Name: Ashley Carpenter

Hometown: Macomb, MI, currently residing in Southern California

Hair and Eyes: Blonde hair, Blue eyes

Height: 5′-5″

Sizes: 32 DD, 27″ waist, 35″ hips, Size 4 dress, 7.5 shoe

Weight: 124 pounds

Age: 26

Daily Driver: A Bright Orange 2012 Dodge Dart

Getting To Know Ashley Better…

We sat Ashley down and drilled her with questions. She was easy going and answered all our questions with ease and with her bright personality, she had us laughing the whole time. We sure do have a tough job.

Editor: If you could have only one super power, what would it be?

AC: “I would want the ability to read peoples minds. I’d love to read Obama’s mind and know what the hell he is thinking!”

Editor: Whats one thing that you can’t live without?

AC: “I absolutely have to have my phone. I would die without it! Unfortunately right now, its broken[laughs].”

Editor: What do you look for in men, what are your likes and dislikes?

AC: “I like men that are taller than me, a nice tan, tattoos and big muscles! They have to have white teeth also. I really love chivalry in a guy: someone who opens doors, pulls out chairs or guides me through a doorway. What I don’t like is when they are shorter than me or have bad breath. I don’t like ‘players’ or somebody that thinks they are a ‘baller.’ I can’t stand cocky guys or ones who cheat and lie!”

Editor: What is your favorite vacation that you have taken so far?

AC: “Venice, Italy. Everything about it was absolutely breathtaking; the culture, the food, and the architecture. It was amazing to be there.”

Editor: What are you doing for work now?

AC: “I’m currently a full time model that’s growing in the industry. My goals are to make it into Maxim and Playboy at least once.”

Editor: Why are you a model? Who inspires you with modeling?

AC: “I have always wanted to be a model ever since I was little. I had my first shoot when I was 18 with a ‘photographer.’ It was the worst experience and the pictures were really awful. I was totally naive and taken advantage of, which was kind of a set back for me and modeling. I ended up taking a year break because I was scared to run into more ‘photographers’ like him. As far as who inspires me, I really dig Kate Moss’s work. She is so sensual with her movement when she shoots, she isn’t afraid to really get into it. And she kind of has the whole ‘I dont give a f*&k’ attitude. Kate Compton is my all time favorite though. The girl is my idol.”

Editor: Who do you look up to in life?

AC: “I have a few people I look up to. My grandfather Jim, who always works hard and has always been there as a father figure for me. He really set an example of what a man should be. My step Dad who I consider my real father. He stepped up when I was young, also showing me what a man is, and loved me as his own. My grandmother who raised me and was a mother to me. She put her own life aside to make sure my sister and I were taken care of no matter what it cost her. Lastly, my brother Mike who has overcome so many tough obstacles thrown his way. He has come out to be such an amazing man and someone I am truly proud of.”

Editor: We noticed that you have quite a few tattoos, can you tell us about them?

AC: “I have a tiny cross on my right hand between my index and middle fingers. It’s for a best friend Jessica, who passed away when we were younger. I have my son’s name on my left wrist and I have two Sailor Jerry sparrows on my hips because I love Sailor Jerry[laughs]. I have ‘Vivere Senza Rimpianti’ down my right side which means ‘live without regret’ in Italian. I have a Hello Kitty on the back of my neck with my little sister’s initials above it and the word ‘sisters’ below it, and she got the same thing only with my initials. I have a heart in the middle of angel wings and the initials ‘AMC’ on my upperback, and that is a mistake. Theose are my ex boyfriend’s initials[laughs]. I also have six stars going down my spine that connect to a giant pink bow, and more stars with swirls that cover my entire lower back just because I LOVE stars, the color pink, and anything girly. I also have a heart on my index finger on my left hand.”

Editor: What is your dream car?

AC: “My dream car is actually a truck. I’d love a 1989 F-150, lifted with KC lights. I want it brown or tan colored.”

Editor: What’s one thing that most people don’t know about you?

AC: “I wish I lived in the ’60s and ’70s. I feel like I should have been born a hippy. Everyone thinks I’m so high maintenance, but I’m really a simple girl. For the most part[laughs]. I’m super passionate about dancing and I’m also a very good singer. I actually turned down the opportunity for a record deal at 16 years old.”

With her bright personality and professionalism with modeling, she made our jobs easy. Want to see more of Ashley? All you have to do is follow her on your favorite social network:

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Check out the gallery below for even more pictures of Ashley Carpenter!

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