Forgeline Wheels Roll To Victory At LS Fest Texas

Forgeline Wheels is no stranger to the winner’s circle. Its high-performance wheels can be seen leading and winning events on everything from IMSA and FIA WEC race cars worldwide to local and national level autocross entries. Recently, Forgeline had a part in two more victories at the Holley LS Fest Texas Grand Champion competition that took place over two days of racing on May 19th and 20th, 2023. Josh Leisinger and Tim Molzen took home a pair of Grand Champion titles in their respective classes. Both of the drivers’ Corvettes roll on Forgeline GS1R wheels.

The Summit Racing Equipment sponsored Corvettes of Josh Leisinger and Tim Molzen put on a dominating performance at LS Fest Texas. Both race cars feature Forgeline Motorsports Series GS1R wheels.

The cars and trucks that enter the Grand Champion competition at LS Fest must be exceptional at accelerating, corning, and braking. Four separate events comprise the Grand Champion competition, Autocross, Track X, 3S Challenge, and drag racing. The drag racing portion is pretty straightforward. Each driver attempts to make the fastest pass on either an eighth-mile or quarter-mile drag strip. During the autocross event, cars are timed while they navigate a coned course that involves tight corners, slalom sections, and quick straights. Track X combines parts of autocross and road course racing. It involves coned chicanes, slalom sections, and high-speed road course sections. Finally, the 3S Challenge is all about speed, steering, and stopping as quickly as possible. Drivers must accelerate from a standstill, make a series of quick turns, and come to a stop within a defined box.

The Grand Champion class winners pose with their trophies and with Leisinger's bad-to-the-bone C2 Corvette after a successful LS Fest Texas.

To be crowned a Grand Champion, one must excel in all four events. Doing so takes dependable, high-performance parts that can repeatedly withstand hard use. It should go without saying that vehicles competing in the Grand Champion category are put through the wringer, and few parts on these cars see more stress than the wheels. The wheels on these cars have to handle immense forces, not just from aggressive acceleration and stopping, but they also have to withstand tons of side loads. Forgeline puts a great deal of engineering into its wheels, specifically to handle dedicated track duties. Each Forgeline Motorsport Series wheel is built to be extremely strong, exceptionally stiff, and extremely lightweight.

Forgeline Wheels


The results speak for themselves. Leisinger has won a Grand Champion title at each of the three LS Fest events – West, East, and Texas – and he is the reigning champion of King of The Desert, Goodguys Rod & Custom Pro-X, and King of The Mountain in the Early Model class.

Forgeline Wheels


We’re only halfway through 2023, and Forgeline shows no signs of slowing down on its way to victory lane.


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