Holley RetroFilter Gives EFI A Vintage Vibe


Dual-snorkel Holley RetroFilter

There are so many reasons for enthusiasts to upgrade their fueling system to electronic fuel injection but many don’t want to lose that vintage vibe in their classic muscle car or truck. In an innovative stroke of genius, Holley’s new RetroFilter allows enthusiasts to make use of all the benefits available with today’s drive-by-wire technology without losing that factory appearance we all love. The new RetroFilter from Holley melds the classic looks of a vintage-style, round air cleaner with the technology advancements of modern drive-by-wire by hiding an LS-style throttle body inside the body of the air cleaner assembly.

Holley's new RetroFilter is available as an open-element or dual-snorkel version. A black, or chrome lid hides the drive-by-wire throttle body on either style.

Each kit includes a 3-inch tall, pre-oiled, washable, and reusable premium cotton gauze filter element. Thanks to the RetroFilter’s clever design, the entire air cleaner assembly retains a low, factory-appearing height that will allow it to find its way under a myriad of classic car hoods. Holley currently offers its RetroFilter in two configurations, an open, 16-inch round, cotton-gauze element air filter, and an enclosed 14-inch, dual-snorkel version for that ultimate OEM appearance. Both offerings are available with either a chrome or black lid.

  • 120-500 – Fits LS3-Style DBW Throttle Body (16″ Chrome)
  • 120-501 – Fits LS3-Style DBW Throttle Body (16″ Black)
  • 120-520 – Fits LS3-Style DBW Throttle Body (14″ Dual Snorkel Chrome)
  • 120-521 – Fits LS3-Style DBW Throttle Body (14″ Dual Snorkel Black)

The base of each RetroFilter air cleaner assembly utilizes a hidden opening in its base to hide unsightly wiring from the throttle body, further disguising the EFI upgrade. The opening is designed for a 92mm throttle body, but any 4-bolt pattern LS throttle body will physically fit. Holley recommends using an LS2/LS3/LS7-style throttle body. While some Gen-V LT drive-by-wire throttle bodies may share the same bolt pattern, they will not fit properly. The retro-appearing air cleaner assembly will mount to a 4150 or 4610-style, square-bore intake manifold with the required adapter, Holley EFI part # 17-93.

Holley’s website has further tech resources including installation and cleaning instructions for its new RetroFilter assemblies. Check out all the ways a Holley EFI fuel system can benefit your classic without losing that iconic, vintage vibe of the muscle car era.

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