Keep Your 1959-‘63 Impala Cool with a Griffin Radiator

You’ll have no issues keeping that big 1959-’63 Chevy Impala running cool with a Griffin Performance Fit Radiator or Radiator Combo. The aluminum radiator features a MegaCool core with two rows of 1.25-inch, induction-welded tubing. The company says this design provides a 25 percent drop in engine temperature compared to the factory radiator. Griffin even went through the trouble of designing the radiator with extra clearance on the lower driver’s side to make room for an aftermarket power steering box.

The radiator is available through Summit Racing by itself or in a combo including dual 12-inch SPAL fans which are rated at 1,700 CFM of airflow, an aluminum shroud, a temperature sensor, a wiring harness, and a radiator cap. As part of the combo, the fan and shroud come already mounted to the radiator—all you have to do is bolt it in, connect some hoses and wires, and you’re ready to beat the heat.

Griffin radiator for Chevy Impala

This new radiator combo from Griffin updates your cooling system with dual, 12-inch SPAL fans pre-mounted on the accompanying shroud, an automatic transmission cooler, and additional clearance for power steering in your 1959-1963 Impala!

The Griffin Performance Fit Radiator and Radiator Combo are designed to fit Impalas with a straight-six, small-block V8, or 348-409 V8, and an automatic transmission. You may have to modify brackets and trim the factory fan shroud if you decide to retain the original shrouding. Check out more about the Griffin Performance Fit Radiator for the 1959-1963 Impala at Summit Racing’s website.

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