Corvette Chassis War – Greenwood L88 vs C6 Z06/ZR1

The C2 chassis was an improvement and ready to race. Things didn’t get shaky until the L88 and big racing tires arrived in the early '70s. Check out this fascinating comparison between new tech and old tech.Read More


Blazing Trails: The Soon-To-Be Fastest Trailblazer SS Ever

While Kyle Brixey's story starts like many before it, it's on a trajectory to end with his 2009 Trailblazer SS being hands down the fastest in the nation.Read More


Quest For Driving Perfection: GTO Europe Adventures, Part 2

Quest For Driving Perfection: GTO Europe Adventures Part 2. A brake test on the Nurburgring, A museum in Heidelberg, the Ferrari and Lamborghini museums, and a town.Read More


Detroit Speed Builds a Super-Musclecar Out Of This ’70 Chevelle

When Detroit Speed built this sinister black 1970 Chevelle for a customer, they decided to build a car that checked all the boxes for performance and desirability. Read More

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Rob Wade’s ’65 Chevy II Defines The Term Powerful Perseverance

This potent Chevy II Nova SS is quite capable of cutting some serious e.t.'s on the track, but owner Rob Wade explains he had the perseverance to build this car for much more, and enjoys driving it on the street.Read More


We Follow Along As Larry Dixon Builds An LT4-Powered ’66 Nova

How many of us have put our cars in storage to pursue our careers? Larry Dixon did just that many years ago. Now, he has the opportunity to enjoy his classic Nova once again. Find out what's in store.Read More


C4 Corvette Gets Powerful New Lease On Life With LS Swap

Here's an LS swap you might not have seen before. Ditching an L98 for an LS is always a step in the right direction. See what it took to get this old C4 updated with modern Chevy power.Read More


Stunning Starion Mitsubishi Packs A Punch

John Lazorack took this 1988 Mitsubishi Starion and transformed it into an LS-powered, wide body drift, time-attack, and road race monster.Read More


Coyote Fans: Don’t Cry About the $10k Shootout. Double Or Nothing?

The Coyote may have lost our recent $9,999 budget battle, but it may not have lost the war. Tune in to see why it was a fair fight and what the war has in store.Read More


Two Beautiful Women, Two Beautiful Camaros

These ladies both had different ideas for their Camaros when they bought them. Both have created stunningly beautiful cars. Step inside and check out Kristin's SurvivorCamaro and Linda's The Gray Ghost. Read More


Tim Buchanan’s No-Holds-Barred Twin-Turbo CTS-V

Unlike its more blue-collar-friendly counterparts, like Camaros, Trans Ams and C5 'Vettes, the CTS-V plays to the tune of "kicking ass with class". This V definitely has the "kicking ass" part down...Read More

2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28

Modern Day Musclecars; Can The Market Sustain This “Second Wind”?

Just as when musclecars first hit the market in the '60s, the popularity of these modern day versions is huge. But, can they remain popular in the long term, or will they fade away like their predecessors?Read More


Sloppy Mechanics’ Colorado Makes 796 HP On A 250,000-Mile LQ4

Depending on how into cobbling together cheap, LS-based builds you are, you may or may not be familiar with Sloppy Mechanics. But make no mistake, you won't forget the name after you see the results. Read More

Both Camaros

Fifth-Gen vs. Sixth-Gen Camaro Shootout

It's what you've all been waiting for, Camaro five vs. Camaro six. We compare a fifth-gen Camaro to its sixth-gen counterpart and the results may surprise you.Read More


Mick Lay’s 1,100+ Horsepower 2011 Camaro SS

When Mick Lay first purchased his 2011 Camaro SS, he had no intentions of making it the roll-racing beast it would one day become. But 1,100 horsepower later it's a whole different animal.Read More

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Chase Christensen Named LSX Magazine Editor

As we reach arguably the peak of the modern horsepower wars, is it possible to keep going up? Or are we headed for an extinction event? And, if so, does it really matter?Read More

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