Gorgeous ’57 Chevy Nomad Is Goodguys Custom Of The Year


When the project began, the wagon was not in the greatest of shape, so the crew at A&M Custom Design started with a new Art Morrison chassis for the project.

If the sight of a gorgeous Tri-Five Chevy gets your blood pumping, then Ron Maier’s awe-inspiring ’57 Chevy Nomad station wagon aptly named Shomad is right up your alley. What’s more, Shomad was just awarded the Goodguys 2017 Street Rod Headquarters Custom of the Year at their Pleasanton, California gathering. This unbelievably-cool Nomad is a coach-built ’57 version created by Oregon’s A & M Deluxe Customs.

Car owner Ron Maier had been keeping this Nomad under wraps for nearly 30 years, until 2009, when he decided to collaborate with A&M to build the car of his dreams. Even though Ron had a build concept in his head, once the project got underway, it took eight years for the A&M team to complete this head-turning Tri-Five.

Showmad-04-2-2--engine compartment

perched under the hood is a cruise-ready 427 cubic-inch LS7 engine mated to a 4L80 transmission.

According to Aaron Atnip of A&M, “Ron wanted a brand-new chassis with an independent rear suspension, either an LS or big-block engine, a one-piece hatch in the back, and four bucket seats with a console down the middle. He also wanted the roof of the car chopped a little bit. Other than that, he was open to suggestions from us.”

When it came to the custom metal features, Shomad is a fine example of A&M’s skills and creativity. At first glance, you might notice that the wagon features a lot of one-off, custom panels and metal work. For instance, the front of the hood incorporates a hand-formed hood scoop that feeds air to the LS7.

While the grille looks similar to a factory piece, it was widened and has the Dagmars removed. The front and rear wheel arches are also unique, and were raised a couple of inches to match the proportions of the 2-inch-chopped Nomad. Once all of the metal work was completed, it was painted with custom mix of House of Kolor gold with a contrasting pearl white.

Showmad-06-2-2-steering wheel

Nestled between the strikingly-smooth fenders is a 427 cubic-inch LS7 engine followed by a 4L80E transmission. The engine features custom valve covers, an engine block that has been smoothed, and a handmade air intake.


Definitely a place where Ron can spend a lot of time.

The interior is the place where Ron will be spending most of his time, so you can bet it is definitely filled with creature comforts. The original dashboard features a unique inlay of stainless steel with a checkerboard pattern, and to help monitor vitals, a pair of gauge pods were added and filled. CON2R gauges gets the credit for the gorgeous one-off gauges. The seats began life by supporting the driver and passenger of a 2000 Monte Carlo, and A&M came up with the interior design concept and had Gabe’s Custom Interior in San Bernardino, stitch the leather. The Sisal carpet that covers the floor throughout the cabin blends perfectly with the leather interior.


With the Goodguys 2017 Street Rod Headquarters Custom of the Year award secured, Ron Maier and the A & M Deluxe Customs team will head to Scottsdale in November for the Goodguys 2017 season-ending Southwest Nationals, where it will share the spotlight with the season’s other Goodguys Top 12 award winners.

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