Video: Nelson Super Cars Builds a 1,500HP Camaro SS

At a glance, you would think that this is just another Camaro SS. Au, contraire. Images and video provided by NRE TV.

Hypothetical question; how much is too much? If you were to build the ultimate 5th-Gen Camaro, where would you draw the line? If you’re reading this, then most likely you’re like us and there is no line. That’s exactly how Nelson Super Cars and Bruce Hanson, the owner of this 2010 Camaro SS feel too. They went all out, building a twin-turbo, 388ci. (6.4L), LS3 that produces 1,500HP… and it’s still completely streetable.

Beautifully crafted, the 1,500 HP engine is a masterpiece all its own. Apart from the aftermarket shifter, safety net and roll cage, the interior is standard issue Camaro SS.

We found this freshly released video on YouTube just today, and we watched as Tom Nelson takes the viewer on a ride-along in this insane Camaro dubbed, the “SST.” This no-expense spared creation simply leaves us impressed and wanting more. Many pieces of the turbo setup were hand-crafted by the gentlemen at Nelson Racing Engines, and while most of the body appears factory stock every inch of the 5th-Gen was completely rebuilt from the ground up. Looking closer, you can see the aftermarket fiberglass hood, roll cage, safety net, and other safety features necessary in builder a car of this caliber.

NRE has taken the liberty of test driving this 1500HP monster around the neighborhood. Then terrorized it. Just look at the man on the bicycle. Now you see him, now you don't.

Thanks to its brute force, the Camaro has the ability to smoke the tires on cue with just a gentle press of the throttle. No brake-tourqing or dumping the clutch necessary, kids. We covet our modern day fuel-injected rides for their instant throttle response, but this SST Camaro gives the term a whole new meaning. From what we could tell from the video, you so much as look at the accelerator pedal, and the tires will fry. We’re OK with that.

...ditto the NRE Honda Accord camera car.

We are taken inside and out of the car as we watch this 28-minute video, and we couldn’t help but have a continual mouth-watering session. This car has so much work put into it, we don’t have enough room in this article to give you a complete rundown of every nut and bolt.

But what we can tell you is that countless hours of meticulous work has gone into the fully-forged LS motor, and that it’s original 6-speed has been swapped for that of a 4L85E. We don’t know exactly how much duplicating a car like this would cost, but if we were to fathom a guess, we would have to say somewhere in the neighborhood of $200k-plus.

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