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Coyote Fans: Don’t Cry About the $10k Shootout. Double Or Nothing?

The Coyote may have lost our recent $9,999 budget battle, but it may not have lost the war. Tune in to see why it was a fair fight and what the war has in store.Read More

2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28

Modern Day Musclecars; Can The Market Sustain This “Second Wind”?

Just as when musclecars first hit the market in the '60s, the popularity of these modern day versions is huge. But, can they remain popular in the long term, or will they fade away like their predecessors?Read More

Cool-Red-Chevrolet-Wallpaper-Background-11826 2

Chase Christensen Named LSX Magazine Editor

As we reach arguably the peak of the modern horsepower wars, is it possible to keep going up? Or are we headed for an extinction event? And, if so, does it really matter?Read More

G8 1

Traveling Full Circle with GM Cars of Old and Now New

Miles Cook is a new name to LSXTV, but a familiar one to many enthusiasts who have picked up a high performance publication any time in the last 20 years.Read More


SEMA Law And Order Update: March-ing To A Happy Beat

A lot has happened since our last SEMA Law & Order update; some good and some bad. This month, we bring you all the important updates from the SEMA Action Network right to your desktop! Read More


Music Video: He Drove His Chevy To The Levee, The Day The Music Died

Ask any gearhead to quote a line from the hit song American Pie and they'll probably mention a Chevy and a levee. February 3, 1959, is known as the day the music died, but Don McLean's hit will keep us all singing.Read More


The 2015 Corvette Z06: Is it Enough?

The C7 Z06 is being asked to carry the mantle of both track toy and supercar - does the latest, greatest Chevy have shoulders broad enough for the task?Read More


Review: One Week with a 2015 Chevy Tahoe LTZ

That’s the thing about the LTZ; it’s nice and all, but it doesn’t look like $70k rolling down the road. Will buyers appreciate the “stealth luxury” of this version of the Tahoe?Read More


“Why I Sold My Camaro, & Bought An Electric Car” – A Fairy Tale

Electric cars have a place in the wide world of enthusiast vehicles, but if they're ever to become truly mainstream choices for car buyers, they'll have to stand on their own, real merits, not straw-man arguments.Read More


Behind the Wheel: A Wet and Wild Track Day with the Camaro Z/28

Sometimes you learn the most when things don't go exactly the way you planned... Find out what happens when you put a writer behind the wheel of Chevy's most race-ready Camaro ever, in the pouring rain.Read More


Nigel Dobbie: The 7 Hours of Sebring (Plus Some Pace Car Laps)

The dark mutterings from the paddock and press room all revolved around the number of cars that would be on 3.74 mile track, and the standards of driving to be expected from some of the less experienced drivers...Read More


The Stingray Diaries: One Week with a Loaner C7

We spent a week behind the wheel of a new 2014 Corvette - here's what we thought...Read More


Introduction: West Coast Racer DJ Reid’s Off Season LSX Engine Build

West coast 275 Drag Radial and Outlaw 8.5 racer DJ Reid is constructing an all-new LSX bullet for the 2014 season, and he's documenting the entire project here on Dragzine. Check out the introduction to the build!Read More


TECH5: VP Racing Fuels’ Jason Rueckert Educates Us On VP’s X16 Fuel

Racing fuel is formulated specifically for certain applications, and X16 is VP's newest 116-octane fuel. VP Racing Fuels' Jason Rueckert explains the applications where it works well and more inside.Read More


Why The Chevy SS Will Succeed Where The G8 Seemed To Fall Short

Will the new Chevy SS Sport Sedan excel where the Pontiac G8 GXP and GTO failed? We go deep undercover and ask all the right questions to bring you our take - find out more inside.Read More

Corvette #70 333

Nigel Dobbie: The Balance of Power at Le Mans 2013

In fairness to the ACO / FIA, the balance of performance is a hugely difficult task, and all of the manufacturers will do whatever they can to make it appear their car is slower before the race. This year the ACO / FIA got it badly wrong....Read More

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