Crower's stainless shaft mount rockers

In racing, the most stable rocker system you can get are shaft mount rockers.  Instead of being on a stud or bolt that is prone to deflection, a shaft mount rocker uses a large billet stand that locks all the rockers together.  On top of that are the rockers are then supported by two bolts that hold the rocker to the stand.  This allows the rocker to articulate properly during operation, but virtually eliminates side-to-side movement

Crower's aluminum shaft mount rockers

Crower has over 100 different applications for their shaft mount rockers and continue to expand them further.  They are offered in aluminum for the lightest possible weight or stainless steel for durability.  The rockers can be customized to virtually any rocker ratio and offset as well. The needle bearing tip option further reduces resistance and valve guide wear. Shaft mount rockers can be paired with any type of valvetrain package and is totally street friendly.

• Billet rocker stands
• Virtually any offset and rocker ratio available
• Lightweight aluminum or durable stainless steel construction options