The black top represent the older design for size comparison

When it comes to turbocharged applications there are two integral parts of controlling boost pressure.  The wastegate diverts unneeded exhaust pressure away from the turbo to keep the boost levels where you want them, while the blow off valve releases the excess pressure that builds up in your intake pipe when the throttle body closes.  Also, blow off valves work the same way for centrifugally supercharged applications.

The problem with blow off valves and wastegates is that they are big, and sometimes can be a pan to get into tight spaces.  Also replacing springs for different boost levels can be a chore.  Turbosmart has redesigned their gates with the latest technology and shrunk the size about 30-percent.  This new technology completely eliminates o-rings and also makes spring changing a breeze.

The top hat of both their gates spin off for easy spring changes as well as the ability to clock the vacuum ports any direction you desire.  Don’t be fooled by the smaller design though, these gates flow just as much air as their previous models, now with just a kick of technology!

• 30-percent smaller design
• clock-able vacuum ports
• Removable hat screws off for easy spring changes