We remember being at the LSX Shootout in 2009, shortly after the 2010 Camaro release, and watched nearly a half-dozen moderate horsepower fifth generation Camaros brake something in their driveline right off the green light.  Hitting the tires really hard on a IRS vehicle can reek havoc on half shafts and driveshafts, and there was simply nothing to upgrade to at the time.

While the Driveshaft Shop did release upgraded half shafts and driveshafts for the fifth gen shortly after, most people have been running the stock center section.  Moser Engineering though, has partnered up with the Driveshaft Shop to create a complete rear driveline conversion targeted for these late-model 12-bolt rear ends.  Offered in three stages, the new HammerHead rear end packages include everything from 33 spline TrueTrac differential upgrades, up to Moser’s indestructible 9310 alloy solid spool.

The HammerHead case itself is offered in aluminum or nodular iron, and is paired with 1400 hp 30 spline axles.  This allows for a true bolt in rear end upgrade without the hassle and power loss associated with a Ford 9-inch retrofit.