General Motors LSX based motors have been one of the most popular mills to use for engine swaps. With the introduction of the new Gen V LT motors this new engine has the potential to be just as popular for high-performance swaps. The team at Holley has products to help swap the new LT motor into your car and add some serious power too.


Getting a modern engine into a different chassis can be difficult because of clearance issues, but Holly has you covered with their GM Gen V LT Engine Swap Oil Pans. These units are designed for every generation of F-body, 68-74 Novas, 78-97 G-body, and 64-72 A-body chassis. The pan provides vast amounts of chassis and ground clearance and has OEM level filament. Holley’s Blane Burnett acknowledges just how easy this pan makes any swap. “This pan holds the same amount of oil the stock pan does, and has baffles along with windage tray provisions too.”

If you’re trying to add some more power to your Gen V LT motor Holley has a solution for you with their Hi-Ram Intake. This new intake has a modular design that lends itself to easy disassembly for porting and other modifications.  “The intake can use different tops that allow you to pick an assortment of throttle bodies based on your application,” Burnett explains.


The High-Ram Intake has provisions built in for additional injectors for those who are looking to make big power and will need additional fuel. There is a notch added to each intake that allows the factory D.I. pump to fit without any issues.

Check out Holley’s website for more information on both of these great products, and their other LT swap products that will be available soon.