PRI 2017: ProCharger Announces New CrankDrive System

ProCharger is well known for feeding some of the fastest cars on the planet. And to keep pace with the ever changing needs of big-cube behemoths, ProCharger debuted their very own direct drive system, which is manufactured completely in house, that they’ve dubbed CrankDrive to spin some of the largest centrifugal superchargers on the street or track in a location that was previously unattainable.

Not only does the CrankDrive system allow a centrifugal supercharger to be powered directly by the crank, it also provides mounts for accessories. The direct drive system eliminates the need for belts and pulleys to drive the supercharger which ultimately means less to go wrong—a big concern when your car is making north of 2,000 horsepower.

Erik Radzin of ProCharger tells us the drive was designed to be compact enough to fit into a myriad of engine bays without the need for extensive chassis modification. But unlike traditional gear drives, ProCharger’s CrankDrive allows the supercharger to mount higher than other similar products. While that may not make much of a difference for full-bodied race cars, when it comes to mounting a centrifugal on say a dragster or Top Sportsman car, it makes what was once almost impossible perfectly doable.

The assemblies are lightweight and easy to disable which allows for quick gear ratio changes. Several interchangeable gears are available to enable you to achieve the combo that’s right for your needs.

With the CrankDrive, ProCharger is set to power a whole new generation and classification of racecar and, if things go they same way they have been, bring home a lot more trophies. Head over to to find out more.

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