Genius is something that’s a little difficult to measure. Thankfully, there was no shortage of genius innovation found at this year’s SEMA, and nowhere was this more evident than in Chris Alston’s booth. We were able to get Alston to talk a little bit about what he’s got cooking up for the new year, but not without a few caveats.

First, we were allowed to “tease” you with some prototype images but weren’t allowed to disclose all of the details pertaining to Alston’s wickedly-brilliant digitally-controlled Varishock system. Aimed at the super-competitive drag racer, Alston’s system features a wireless LCD-touch screen controller (see image below) that can manipulate the quartet of servos within the electric shock, permitting the driver to tweak his suspension to maximize his launch times.

There’s a LOT to come from this system, but this is Chris Alston we’re talking about, so don’t expect this system until its perfect. Until that time, Alston’s got some seriously cool stuff to check out. Developing a four-way adjustable Varishock, the coil-over features independent valving for high and low speed bump and rebound. Moreover, the coil-over is also available with a remote reservoir.

  • Engineered, developed and fabricated in the USA
  • Four-way valve adjustment allow for independent control of high/low speed bump and rebound
  • Available as coil-over, coil-over with remote reservoir, and digitally-controlled
  • Wireless LCD touch screen electronically adjusts while underway