Lingenfelter Performance Engineering has always been a respected name in GM performance, and now they’ve turned their hand to a reimagining of the Pontiac Trans Am, based on a 5th Gen Camaro platform. The Lingenfelter TA concept car takes inspiration from the 1971 Trans Am, inside and out, and plans are to offer it in three flavors: A V6 “Formula” edition, one powered by the stock GM LS3, and the LPE-455 version seen here.

The V6 will get a hood with twin air inlets since there isn’t sufficient clearance for a “shaker” hood like there is with the V8 cars. Speaking of V8’s, here are the specs on the 455-cubic-inch engine and driveline in the concept car:

  • 455-cubic-inch/7.5-liter LS
  • 11.5:1 compression
  • RHS Aluminum block
  • Lingenfelter CNC ported & polished LS7 cylinder heads
  • Lunati 4.200″ 4340 forged steel crankshaft
  • Diamond 4.155″ bore forged aluminum pistons
  • Fast 102mm intake manifold
  • Lingenfelter ZR1 steel flywheel assembly, ZR1 twin-disc clutch assembly
  • Driveshaft Shop heavy duty axle assemblies

The LPE-455, with a displacement that recalls the classic Pontiac Super Duty powerplants, is rated at 655 horsepower and 610 pound-feet of torque by Lingenfelter. Both the “snowflake” style wheels shown here and a “Rallye” inspired design will be available on production cars.