In addition to their line of exhaust products, Akrapovič also is an experienced carbon fiber fabricator - the white frames suspending the exhaust from the ceiling are CF!

Founded by Igor Akrapovič in 1990, the company that today bears his name started out in the world of motorcycle racing, and is best known for making exhaust systems with the quality and exclusivity to match Europe’s most exotic car marques. Of course, here in the US, we have our own sports car that can go toe to toe with anything the rest of the world has to offer – the Corvette, in Z06 and ZR1 guise, is the equal to Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Porsches with price tags that would get you 2 Y-bodies with a Sonic back as change.

Recognizing the strength of the US market, Akrapovič opened an American branch in 2010, and offers a top-quality exhaust system for C6 Z06 and ZR1 Corvettes. The Evolution exhaust adds 14 horsepower and 21 foot-pounds to the Z06, while subtracting 12 pounds off the scales for the stainless version, and a whopping 33 for the titanium version, compared to the stock Chevy exhaust. The system is claimed to improve throttle response as well, and retains the catalytic converters.

Customers can choose from titanium or carbon fiber tailpipes in two different diameters, and the Evolution system retains the stock exhaust’s dual mode functionality. Akrapovič also offers a wireless control for the dual-mode system, allowing wide-open performance and sound with the push of a button.

For those of the Blue Oval persuasion, Akrapovič also offers the Evolution system for 3-valve Mustang GT’s, as well as slip on mufflers for both the Mustang and Corvette.