No matter what your ultimate goals are, from an improved stance for your street ride to better performance at the dragstrip or road course for your track toy, odds are that Eibach has the hardware to upgrade your suspension. A case in point is their range of 5th Gen Camaro hardware, as displayed at this year’s SEMA show.

If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, then Eibach’s PRO-KIT performance springs are a good place to start. They drop the 2010-up Camaro by an inch front and rear, lowering the center of gravity, and they’ve got a progressive winding design so that you’ll get improved handling without a punishing ride. Coupled with their front and rear ANTI-ROLL-KIT, you’ve got an inexpensive suspension package that is designed to work together.

Want to step up to something more capable, with a range of adjustments for track day use or serious street grip? Eibach gives you several options, starting with the PRO-STREET-S coilover system. It allows lowering in a range from 0-2 inches in front, and 0-2.4 in the back for ride height adjustment or corner weighting, and features non-adjustable dampers custom matched to the spring rate.

Step up to the MULTI-PRO-R1, and in addition to the ride height adjustment, you also get single-adjustable compression and rebound control, while the MULTI-PRO-R2 is a full-featured coilover that offers double-adjustable compression and rebound, and a remote reservoir design that helps resist “fade” thanks to the additional volume of oil contained within the system.

No matter what road life takes you down, Eibach has the hardware to keep you in close contact with the tarmac…