Radiator Specifications:

  • Dimensions – 31 5/8 x 18 1/2 x 3 3/4
  • Core Size – 26 x 18 x 2 1/4
  • OE radiator mounting points
  • Brackets included
  • 2-row 1-inch tubes

Fan Specifications:

  • Fan part number 480
  • Amp draw: 17.5-29
  • Airflow: 3000 CFM
  • Variable speed control

We’ve been fans (pardon the pun) of Flex-a-lite’s Flex-a-fit radiators since they first hit the streets – with heat dissipating fins inside and their patented T-channel mounting slots on the outside of their tanks, and all-aluminum 2-row core construction, they’re great for any application that requires strength and a ton of cooling capacity. Now, they’ve got a new part number that’s a direct drop-in replacement for the factory radiator in 5th generation Camaros.

Available as either a bare radiator (part 56418) or a radiator and fan combination (part 56488), it’s a perfect choice for Camaros running forced induction or big-cube naturally aspirated engines that need more cooling capacity than the stock radiator provides.

For those L99 guys out there, Flex-a-lite has a matching  automatic transmission fluid cooler kit, part number 4116C, that is also a direct fit. A custom bracket positions the round-tube and fin cooler, which has a GVW rating of 16,000 pounds, in front of the Flex-a-fit radiator.

Finally, if you’re looking to free up some additional space under the hood by ditching the stock overflow tank, Flex-a-lite offers polished catch cans in 20 or 24 ounce capacity that bolt directly to the radiator tank’s T-channels.