SEMA 2011: Hot Wheels Camaro Leads Trio of New Concepts Unveiled

Chevy put together the Hot Wheels Concept Camaro to show just how far you can take the customization of your own 5th Gen.

Yesterday, we got a look at the ZL1 Carbon Concept, the 1LE, and of course the COPO Camaro. Today at SEMA we were fortunate enough to be present for the unveiling of three new 5th Gen Camaro concept cars from Chevrolet. These cars run the gamut of style and customization from mild to wild, meant to show the wide range of customization possibilities available.

As much fun as those little orange tracks with crazy loops were to roll your Hot Wheels down, we're thinking this one would be a whole lot more fun to play with...

The leader of the pack undeniably being on the “wild” end of the spectrum is the Hot Wheels Concept Camaro, representing what you would typically expect from a concept car – raucously unique looks and features you aren’t going to see anywhere else. Chevrolet says that the concept is a blending of the DNA of two iconic American brands, and was inspired by the 1968 “Custom Camaro” Hot Wheel, which was one of the original 16 castings and is now one of the most highly sought after Hot Wheels of all time. The Hot Wheels concept is a full size modern interpretation of the toy, and is meant to serve as inspiration for Camaro owners to get out there and customize their own real-life Hot Wheels. We know it’s hard to believe, but that is actual paint on the Hot Wheels Camaro, and not a wrap. Also, note the unique hood, Euro-spec tail lights, and quad exhaust tips.

Chevrolet says it took weeks to get the hypnotic green paint just the right color for the Hot Wheels Camaro Concept.

Photo Courtesy of Chevrolet

The other two concept cars are notably tamer in their presentation, more about what the average Camaro buyer could do to their own car to make it into something all their own with parts from Chevrolet Accessories.

The Synergy Series Concept Camaro is a lot more typical of what a real Camaro owner might have done to their car.

The Synergy Series concept is for those who want the best combination of Camaro Accessories, tastefully organized with new color cues inside and out – it leaves nothing behind but the top.

The Synergy Series concept Camaro convertible mixes in a little updated performance, with a whole lot of style. The placard Chevrolet displayed with the car says, “The Synergy Series concept is for those who want the best combination of Camaro Accessories, tastefully organized with new color cues inside and out – it leaves nothing behind but the top.”

The exterior is done in Silver Ice Paint and Black Synergy Series Stripes with red outlines on hood and decklid. The Synergy Camaro rides on a set of Chevrolet Accessories 21×8.5 front and 21×9.5 rear wheels. On the inside its gray leather as far as the eye can see, with classy red accent stitching and a variety of well-placed and tasteful details.

Simple yet classy defines the Synergy Series Concept Camaro.

Under the hood, it’s the familiar LS3 powerplant mated to a six speed transmission, shifted by a Hurst 4:1 Short Shifter. One of our favorite parts of this car is the slick “Concept” Polished Strut Tower Brace under the hood, which looks very similar to what the ZL1 is likely to come from the factory with.

Yes, it is very simple - but that's part of the point. Not every Camaro has to have wild modifications to be unique.

The Red Zone Concept Camaro is aimed at showing off the convertible’s good looks with retro cues. The Red Zone is a V6 RS car done in Crystal Claret Red (new for 2012), with a Silver Ice “Spear Stripe” on the nose and side styled after the same type of stripes that were an option on 1st Gen Camaros, and sets the look off with a lowered stance thanks to a GMPP Licensed suspension lowering kit by Pedders. The Red Zone’s placard tells us, “From chiseled lines and bold colors, to exhilarating performance, and ready to pounce look, [the Red Zone] is the perfect place to be seen.”

Check out the Chevrolet Accessories Wind Screen for Convertibles.

So, the only question left to answer is this: How will you make your 5th Gen Camaro your own?

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