SEMA 2011: SSBC “V8” Eight-Piston Calipers for 15-inch Wheels

Want to keep your muscle car's stock wheels, but still want massive stopping power? SSBC's new V8 Calipers are the answer.

Traditionally if you wanted the big stopping power that comes from big brakes, you had to take on the big extra cost of buying some big wheels to fit over those big brakes. Thanks to the team at SSBC, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore. Here at SEMA 2011, they took the time to show us their awesome new V8 monoblock calipers. SSBC’s new calipers are called the “V8” because they use common C5/C6 “Vette” brake pads, and because they have 8 stainless steel pistons. You can get them for both front and rear applications, and best of all they are designed and manufactured right here in the USA.

No doubt about it, the V8 calipers are a tight fit, but they do clear 15-inch Rally wheels by a safe margin.

You don’t have to buy big wheels, because this 8-piston caliper fits inside there on a 12-inch rotor.

After three years of development, the V8 has become SSBC’s new flagship caliper. It’s very unique because these massive calipers can comfortably fit inside of common 15-inch wheels. Michael Jonas from SSBC tells us, “We’ve done a little bit of trickery with this caliper. We’ve gone back and fit it inside a 15×8 Rally wheel, a 16-inch Ford wheel, and a 16-inch Dodge wheel. So now you can build a really cool sleeper that fits in those 15 and 16 inch wheels. You don’t have to buy big wheels, because this 8-piston caliper fits inside there on a 12-inch rotor. You want to talk about a massive stopping power on there, this is it.”

SSBC offers the V8 Calipers in this racey red finish, or a more sleeperish black or silver.

SSBC’s V8 calipers have been tested to over three times the operating pressures they will see on your car, so you can be certain that they are extremely durable. So if you are looking for big stopping power for your high powered car, but don’t want the look of huge wheels, SSBC’s new V8 calipers are just the ticket.

Check out SSBC's website for all the info on their new V8 monoblock calipers.

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