Wilwood W6AR Radial Mount Calipers

  • Weigh just 7.5 lbs.
  • 6-piston design for superior performance
  • Available for rotors as large as 15″ and in bore sizes up to 1.75″

Whether you’re ragging your vehicle out on the street, taking part in an autocross or road course competition, or even something as specialized a speed stop event, your stopping potential is every bit as important as your going potential. Spending the extra bucks on a quality aftermarket brake setup is the upgrade that keeps on giving, and if performance and control are important to you, there’s no reason why an aftermarket brake setup shouldn’t be on your to-do list.

At the SEMA Show, the team at Wilwood unveiled their new W6AR Radial Mount brake calipers, which are a 6-piston caliper design with a nickel plated finish. Wilwood offers these parts with stainless or Thermlock pistons, and in a black or red powdercoat finish. They can also be ordered in a variety of bore sizes, from 1.12-inches to 1.75-inches, and can be made to fit rotors from 12.19-inches to 15-inches and widths from 1.10 to 1.25-inches.

The biggest selling point, besides the high quality construction and superior braking capability of the W6AR is its weight – just a scant 7.5 pounds.

Speaking volumes about the build quality and functionality of these W6AR brake calipers, the folks at Wilwood recently announced that they have joined forces with Shelby American to equip all of their Shelby vehicles, including the new GT500 and GT350 Mustangs with these W6AR units. And in fact, a new GT350 was on display in the Wilwood booth so we could get a good look at the new addition to the Shelby spec sheet.

Wilwood relayed to us that these brake kits represent a unit aimed at the hardcore street car crowd, such as the GT500 and even the import crowd, for example, and will be great for track days and similar events for these types of vehicles.

It was recently announced that Wilwood has teamed with Shelby American to supply the brakes - W6AR's - for the Shelby GT500 and GT350 Mustangs.